The Morning Shade

Wednesday, March 14th


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As a fund gun out of me that's insanity thing if you work from home two days in a row maybe today I right about now it yeah. Probably starting to Wear after a first day's fun and look as I get to wherever Jones on the second it's kinda had stuff do you think now if there. Time for the morning shave was sponsored by Bob's. Discount furniture no working from home for you can know what's going on. Now I'm here trying to work hard we're gonna start out with this disaster I know it's a fan favorite of a lot of people. And now we're finding out from the show's creator Dan Olbermann that it was actually originally made to be a movie not a TV series so. He originally wrote eighty pages of the script he he was revealing yesterday in the plot line was supposed to revolve around seven different inner connected stories. The characters are supposed to be the top let's. Then the idea was kind of shelled for six months but the characters remain on his mind and he just sort of kept it there. And then eventually the idea morphed into the NBC series and now we spend our Tuesday night's grabbing her gestures. So thank you for that. There was a 45 minute discussion in my house over last week. With one of my daughters and my wife about who figured out first that that show was like going forward or backward in time. And my daughter actually no I totally figured out because yes. A lot of people didn't know they were confusing thank you steamy Andy Moore and then. In these feet and you know me Milo and then you don't see them and then it's like wait a minute where these people writing into golf the real world and show. All right you're excited I now. Spice Girls Melky is putting the rumors to rest to David you can get your tickets because The Spice Girls are going a total of polonium iPhone. I thought this was not gonna happen because I carry Beckham was like absolutely no way I'm going on tour well Melky was promoting the thirteenth season on America's Got Talent. On Monday night and she told reporters all five of us signed the deal we signed it a couple months ago we just weren't able to really talk about it. Then they asked her about the rumor that they're gonna perform at the royal wedding. She didn't deny it she didn't confirming she's kind of laughed saying don't know after Hurst first and kind of left in the dark side that there actually. I'm gonna I gonna eliminate that I think actually in perform at the royal wedding I think I ball out. This week has been carefully orchestrated like the release of little tidbit of information they creates an interest and excitement about the tour in the of course are gonna to the royal wedding and that makes creating more doesn't look like two tickets go on sale absolutely stumped. We don't have any more info on the Torrey get a win tickets will go on sale but we do know that America's Got Talent will premiere on May 29 and and defeat them. And even Hollywood stars like Annette Bening. Have to wait in line so well especially if they want their eighteen year old daughter to get into Juilliard. So the legendary music and arts school is notoriously hard to get into and the addition process is well known to be so tough. So Annette Bening was there waiting in line with their daughter and the parents in the line were asked to introduce themselves by first names and hometowns in front of the whole group. She just banning map instead I'm of that from Kansas just very casually as a Bill Belichick like. Like that movies yeah. We can't tell you why you're more than just the net from Kansas so her daughter we'll find out in the next coming thing she needed himself. Good luck to her tenure strange celebrity tweet let's see if we can go three days in a row with the wind whereas. Oh hey mister photographer and an operator I didn't see there is just leaning casually. Was it Amy Schumer aren't Jessica Biel or Melissa McCarthy. That's.