The Morning Shade!

Thursday, March 15th


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I should have been more clear when I say we're gonna see more of flowing Kardashian and but I met with refute them not more frequently but more of her. It's time for the morning shaded map when a six or seven Kendry do just because she's responsive. But Bob's discount furniture and now you can do with a smile McDonald hits it took Khloe and her. Showing more her camp waves his first start out with with this name Paris. Even you know that name no now a man from how about Mike TV. I know my TV from Willy Wonka in that effective that's right well he was on jeopardy on Tuesday night. And she was a contestant just as as himself as the guy carried the the guy who played the kids my TV in the really wanted to reeled as you go to guy now and he's on. Just every as a regular guy thought he kept his Hollywood acting careers secret. And when Alex to Beck asked contestant about their personal lives he was introduced as a quote entrepreneur an avid backpack air but. People watching started to recognize him as my TV incited to tweet about it once users had. Quote it's no realizing that night TV from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factories in jeopardy right now like legit it's the actor Mike TV and they never said anything about an analyst Rebecca from certain move forward TVs no movie star nothing any eighteen and second place he only won about 6000 dollars but. He was hunting rights and beyond to any. Any escalate Kardashian and she's eight months pregnant Leon though this we're seeing a lot of her and she's feeling so good. That she decided to pose topless while promoting her new maternity line called good mama which launches today of course. She's expecting her first child a girl with their NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson is yours topless wearing a pair for a good mom jeans her hair was down and she had one hand kind of covering her chest a little bit. The prices. Forty's genes. Go from a 149 dollars 279. Dollars and they collections gonna featured two styles fit for all stages of pregnancy and sizes zero to 24. That's her she's as you can afford child pig. I had eggs and Selena Gomez did huge into Graham purge now she only follows. 36 accounts twelve those are the only twelve of them are on the actual people most of her followers are. The most of the people she's following our fashion designers and companies that she works with and the rest are all Selena fans but. Give 134 million people following you. You need a phone many others won't be easy prey. And you're strange celebrity tweet them. I need to get this plan good. Who said this three generations of strong striped strode women. Wrapping up this astonishingly scary revisit to Hadden field. Was it Judy Greer Jamie Lee Curtis or Danny McBride she used food it's because I got a couple right there this week it behind the group. Find out next.