Morning Shade

Tuesday, April 17th


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Almost impossible question them this morning. The hundred dollars not to jump gift card down on the line we're gonna do them a couple months about what when women say reminds them from their significant others of their of their husband to an enormous. I'm not gonna say anything more about it because. Because I'm just not what the questions being itself at 6:50 this morning it's going to be interesting you know it's going to be interesting is this addition the morning she could not break up. This is spectacular. It's a break up of a wedding which is days away laugh. Who's excited. About a morning should its management of six point seven since you were sponsored by massive. What is going and how well we're gonna start with some sad news David and that's that actor and comedian Harry Anderson and best known for his role on night court. Was found dead yesterday in his North Carolina home they're saying foul play has been ruled out at a cost of Jack hasn't been revealed so it's still kind of a mystery. I don't remember he played judge Harry stone. On night court that was you know known for his love of magic and art Deco tiles he is survived by two children and his wife Elizabeth Morgan now. The old town of sixty I've done a gas so we'll see we'll see active find out more about that. After much excitement in anticipation. Khloe Kardashian Sheehan and Tristan Thompson. Have revealed the name of their new baby and and goodness are you so excited to have you been waiting and seeing if it rash having daddy. All right the couple decided on the name true TR UE true Thompson. Yesterday Chloe took instead cram course to reveal the news and our little girl true Thompson has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with love. Along with the name revealed Chloe shared an image of a fully decked out room filled with pink flowers and can Poland's I'm sure it wasn't at all over the top. Why can't they just name them Jennifer I know like Jane I you know something I don't yeah yeah. G on the verge but it does seem like you know it would appeal to his kids of Blue Ivy I. Ian and I don't know anything else you say originally I'm doing each other with now. Paul yeah yeah. Blue Ivy wasn't strange weird because it's judge yeah I know yeah. They'll and is always do lake Winnipeg apple and they are having you got to remember they become adults rights they have an adult with a name apple might. Any bird but this industry average but anyway. And finally last but certainly not least it's a wedding is off what happened. West embrace John scene and his fiance fellow WWE star Nikki bella. Have announced their split mere weeks before they were ready to get married their wedding was may. That's two weeks away from examiner and Natalie daft but I don't know if you remember he staged a very public purpose proposal to her he got on his knee during one of the wrestle mania is yet. And it was a public propose that was last April that they got engaged. We'll he shared on Twitter saying hardship and loss and humility are extremely difficult waters to navigate the perseverance through them build the strength to withstand anything. Life throws your way he also shared a mean that said it was like fat ass Simpson's mean that Ted worst day ever on Sunday color and how you want to. Not to appear breakout hit it right. It's the way you love and I realized exactly discipline isn't happening to somebody cheat on some first downs and we're. I am saying is I think she's a little loose I don't know. Joseph. Say a little you think she's a little loose. Or it can let it not yes I think it was her I think she's just a lot to take it and I think he she kind of force that's on him. And I think he's entertaining front. And it's finally here is yet to do is finally and just stating Rio and keep my head yeah what they say charity had the tracks the whole thing in the room I mean I. Over the way when he two weeks yeah letting us. It's something. And yeah that's not just. Only you know I'll find it I'll find it they.