Morning Shade

Tuesday, May 15th


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We're at Justin Timberlake isn't everything is an insult to the morning should imagine when a six point seven cruise had a car. Sponsors want this morning by New Hampshire liquor commission though he does movies and goes to being he's acting music business interest is doing at all. And now I jus look look look at that as Beckett hate negative Michael's dad Thomas now under some Oscar Nina allegedly got caught. Staging some photos down in Mexico with paparazzi in order to make some money. I guess they had him looking at pictures that meg in in Harry's not look like he was more invested he hasn't been kind of out of the picture. It's really weird the whole negative mark on her family because we RD had her half sister. Trying to break this open letter that she grow lights a scathing letter about her sister saying she shouldn't get married it was a you've been through what he's doing just that who has spent tasting just bags tents. Sam yeah days before the wedding. Yeah they're also saying he suffered a heart attack recently which is just coming out and they're saying now that he will. Probably not marker on the aisle especially because all of this is coming. Ford just what. Few days before the wedding that's kind of crazy yeah. He's a singer he's a dancer he's an actor he's a man of the woods now Justin Timberlake has found the time to take one viral joke. From it to Graham to a television commercial. From now on mass market products and also started back in December when Timberlake kind of jokingly. Observed that blueberries fit perfectly inside raspberries. Forwarding what she called. It raspberry. Now the very company Driscoll has announced that they're making the raspberry a reality the company hopes to take it raspberry to mass market. One thing I mean easier way to make it as of now each blueberry is individually stuffed into each dressed very by hand. Take some time quit job yeah isn't probably the most. Efficient way to the mass market this but you know that they'll figure it out you and if they've got Justin Timberlake behind it. It will fly out there shall be elected George Clooney to Q and where is himself accompanied the blueberry raspberry company for like eleven billion dollars in Q. Yeah and John Fina instead had a change of heart about wanting kids after saying he didn't want children he is now saying publicly that he wants a family any facts work lots of with his former fiance Nikki Bala. He is being interviewed by coating Catholic leader in the fourth hour of today and said that he still loves Mickey and wants to marry her and he said the relationship ended with their. Unfortunate set of circumstances he did not go into detail about what he meant by that. But he's pretty clearly. Remorseful that it ended. It's just to refresh them and be sure and clear that that ended like tease before the wedding like forty's when the wedding they called it off yeah that's not to dad was an abrupt and it's so we'll see what happens there.