The Morning Shade with Sue!

Thursday, January 18th


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This is cool Boston area native who runs and read in the top of the pyramid that I. Our son on Grey's Anatomy is good area. Ask since you're with the morning should I sponsored by the way they Jane Phillips auto glass to one see what's gonna. Good morning somewhere Grammy performers have been announced seven time Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar four time Grammy winner Sam Smith and a special performance by U2 oh. Miley Cyrus wants a team up with Elton John to perform one of his classics. Grammys live on CBS Sunday January 28. Actress in Everett native Ellen Pompeo now speaking out about her twenty million dollar per year salary. That's right she's the highest paid TV actress in a prime time drama. Now with the new deal that she just signed her contract also includes 67 million. In other financial incentives and bonuses twenty million plus six or seven magistrates incidents gap so she could make. 2627 million here. She's the highest paid actress highest paid actress on prime time TV it's been signaling that what's the highest paid actor. Made its own monopoly money and it's crazy money I know the actor then neighbors is the actor still higher than I'm sure the actor still higher. But you know what she so I love her because she's such a real person she said this and I quell acting to me is boring an actor is the least powerful person on sat. So I don't care about chasing roles I'm not going to have this whole second life is a movie star I'm not Julia Robert my 26 million. I'm gonna go away when I'm done now she doesn't need to be Julia Roberts right. And if Kim Cattrall doesn't wanna play Samantha in Sex and the City three could Alan take her place Sarah Jessica Parker jokingly proposed the idea I'm yesterday's episode of the Allen show. As the two jumped back and forth Allen added. That's me I'm a sexual beast I talk about it a lot I do that a lot this is that aside this whole talk show persona. Thank you Ellen I doubt they give for that but you know she's so good like she's so playful type people lover so much and finally Michelle Williams is engaged to Andrew Young men's. A New York finance this year from us now with Mark Wahlberg is gonna that are wearing presently. Engagement gift say smooth things over real good.