The Morning Shade with Sue!

Wednesday, February 28th


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I love the idea. During the start. China's must say whatever she does she's gotta have people to do that she's got a great story and open Starbucks. And lots more stuff that morning shares were sponsored by National Grid faces good morning David well talented generous had a huge surprise for Jimmy Kimmel on her show. She this is another reason I have to love her so. She had kennel on a course he's going to be hosting the Oscars this Sunday night he's been very public about his. Young son Billy who had a heart condition and he's been sort of keeping us. Abreast of all of that couple surgeries for the young boy left yet. Well while he was on the show. Alan surprised him she said that they called Children's Hospital LA. And they named one of the rooms at the heart institute on the floor that's called the heart institute in honor of daily. She then showed footage of the room with a sign it says in honor of Billy camel. And said that they were actually some nurses. In the live audience you and she that surprised me dead and here are some of the nursing can you imagine just dry. Right of course Jimmy being Jimmy. Shouted out to the nurses get back to work it works and he kind of kept it like that way but what an. Awesome thing to dad yeah that's all Allen seems and there's a lot of shows that are on TV where their you know their happiness and their cranky this Mike Allen has none of that all she does stuff like this which just makes your. The hair on the back you know extend that to give his own script around. OK Jack without a mustache. Couldn't believe it's I can't even imagine at mile venting mig Leo without his signature staffs that this is asked are shaved it. After wrapping fees into his hair stylist shared a photo payment her on and to Graham we're gonna put it up on our FaceBook page and people can weigh in that and he can save it because the room telling him secrecy kill them off. Michelle yeah actually they don't have a flat out said earlier in the light so it's that this season two has wrapped so we'll see whether season three how come back with a that we don't nap. And even Oprah David. Have to spell her name and her when she goes to Starbucks you know how they rated on your copy what she was dead in a recent interview. That she actually does around Starbucks runs just I mean even though she has lots of people. She doesn't herself she said and she said recently shoes in a Starbucks. And they asked her for her name she said Oprah. And the person account at account it actually looked at her and said could you spell that platform hitting me. You're not looked at like. And I think that because the people at Starbucks are messing with us as well that is a that is David does or did the idea I go. What do you think yeah so it's.