The Morning Shade with Sue

Thursday, March 1st


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You are. Incorrigible when it comes to this relationship stuff I just don't get its magical six points and three Airways husband does a really really nice thing I think exceptional I think totally raising the bar and a husband gain. And you can go to you or Callahan. The deal and what it's just sort of another example of like celebrities are not like ethanol will not that the that god doesn't mean that it's not a really nice room. It's that time for the morning shave it magical and sets forth and I love the story you are two sisters among children to. By national. What happens let's Serena Williams as you know I was in new mom. And she. Her has been on her way to a tennis match recently her husband decided he'd surprise her she was riding along the freeway. And he rented out for a gigantic billboards. And each of the billboards had a little message the first and fed rate is the next and said mom then of all time in the third one thing. But finally got it sold them out greatest mom of all time. It is sweet it is sweet and I get it like she you know I'm sure it was touching for her yeah. But the thing that Kendra and I have an issue with is if not that relatable to those of us who are just you know. Average people. And trying to make a living and that you know our husbands could never afford to do that but the impulse to do something I mean you can do something. It I think I'm gonna do little things like that all the time in their mind and I. The movie in my mind to do stuff like no time for my wife I don't actually to go right. And I sometimes got initiative that stuff from. I just reminds me be more like that yeah. And I think the sentiment is there that you're trying to recognize your wife or your partner but I think you don't have to be so shall we about right I'm just gonna say. I write a Massachusetts girl makes the cut on the voice this is pretty exciting names green card tally she's fourteen. Years old school. Imagine fourteen years old. She's from long meadow out western Massachusetts she was the first artists chosen. I knew coach Kelly Clarkson of that so yeah. And both Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton turn their chairs out. And she chose Kelly saying that she was a fan of Kelly Clarkson and she was four years old so she's already when he somehow. Is that the word duck definitely. I'm team brand. Never thing ever when it comes to Demi Lovato having a reconciliation with her longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. According to a source you know how to to save your your sources I'm. Might be very mysterious sources the 25 year old singer and her former boyfriend at six years they were together a lot of time. They have been seen together a lot lately I don't know if you know we as he's best known for being as on that seventy shout oh yeah and heat they're just kind of been the couple Kendra is huge into them so I love them back to get our act together. They've been to they've been together for awhile laughs about it is six years to life years together they'd and they broke out and now people are saying maybe there rekindling the romance of a fever that has listened more and that's.