The Morning Shade with Sue

Friday, March 2nd


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That's a lot of stuff from the eighties and that they're bringing back. Really additional left that back in the eighties but they re doing a movie from the eighties on the I'm really looking forward this is gonna run at Jefferson on the morning showed then we're sponsored by. National Grid happy Friday to. It's gonna be happy Freddy do you wilderness starts. Over across the pond because we just found out David that commoners will be mixing with the royals at Windsor Castle Prince Harry and negative mark caller actually gonna bite. More than 2000 members of the public to attend their wedding in Matt this is so cool. It'll be charity workers school children community leaders they're all gonna greet the royal couple at Windsor Castle on their wedding day. The couples said they want the data be fun enjoy as they wanna celebrate with everybody and they want it to reflect their values. But an invitation won't be all that easy to come by 12100 of those people are gonna have to be nominated with a preference for young people who have shown strong leadership. And love serve their communities. I like that's even better I was also you know love about them they continue to break tradition and they continue to sort of be more accessible to the public I was just the significance you break tradition but in the nicest possible that way right away it's still respects but that they're doing new things at them royals have never done before. K they are Barack Dave bid after the real life disaster last year's Oscars the academy feels the best way to make sure the proper people accept the award for best picture. Is to bring back the ones we see through it took. So it's. It's a redo it's every day at its Warren baby and Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway yeah. Screw it I mean I know they screwed it up and then they read the but it wasn't this will be the guy who was texting me pictures and everything was supposed to give the job locating them wrong Obama. I mean it went wrong. On a couple of flat as a instead they got the wrong envelope they read it they didn't check get above let it just it just what sort of you know. Born baby's been in a couple of you know yeah. Endless but spectacular in slow motion unborn baby was in a couple of Jimmy Kimmel trauma like cheeses for the for the Oscars and they were actually pretty funny. Okay go ahead yeah I think Denver we have seen a whole lot of her now. And she's a little more serious generally going to be interesting to see how this plays out I guess they're already rehearsed they think this is great I can't wait this is why I'm watching on Sunday via. This is okay and 20th Century Fox is said to be developing a remake of the 1980 comedy from nine to fox isn't this awesome. They said they're trying to get Rasheed Jones to co write the script along with creator pat redneck. What's more the original stars of the film Dolly Parton Jane Fonda in Lily Tomlin. Are reportedly gained to reprise their roles at school which is amazing things after shedding.