The Morning Shade with Sue!

Tuesday, March 20th


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More education to look at the question for today and I did not you know like this a tax something that. Most people the world by far have never experienced. Healing what you think gunmen themselves to possible contender in about 1520 minutes of magic 106 point seven sewer. I had to say how impressed by him then you managed to work for a person in your morning shaved this report but I haven't thought about it. Fifteen years maybe K-Fed makes an apparent us. This morning Aaron Jay and I like that took some doing yeah. Into the into the headlines again for you it's thank you to. It's with a beautiful and it I don't sponsored by national red good morning let's go on I organist start. So with the remakes because as we have been saying for weeks now absolutely everything old is new again. Now Disney revamping a lady and the tramp as the live action movie Charlie dean who directed the leg I'm in job number will be able Helm that project. Which will be available though exclusively on Disney's digital streaming service which will launch next year. It's like I thought they were making these movies and green next to get us to buy them again like. The lady in the Trenton original attack on the on VHS and we bought it on dvd and then went on and on blue you know and kids rattle you you just read by the same movies over and over now this is all about helping to launch into brought traffic to their new digital streaming so yeah I am new younger kids or dogs in the movie yet originally sent in April. Kate Taylor Swift this is such a cool story. Made a surprise appearance at one couple's wedding she didn't actually show up but she did send against a bottle of dom pairing on to Edward and meg Nick Noble at their wedding this past weekend. With a personal handwritten notes it's dead. Rumor has it she might be using my song in your wedding celebration which makes so happy Houston this amazing day of your continuing love story. Love Taylor of course love story was that song that they use for their first dance and they also walked into the wedding to welcome to New York that's. He is not so cool can you imagine getting some bubbly from her trip Taylor Swift doesn't she like best cookies and go to Washington car and you mentioned in your live report for you why we latter. Hey Britney Spears earned heck of a lot of money during her recent Las Vegas residency and now she's gonna have to share the wealth. Because guess who has reappeared. Saying. Miller sits and I'll guess her ex K-Fed revisiting their divorce settlement now. Right Abby gets twenty grand a month in child support they have two sons were eleven and twelve years old. But spears earned wait for 475000. Hirsh out. During her they used residency and the Vegas residency went four years since and do the math we negotiations is all. Asked so there's gonna have to be a little re negotiation going our. Her flower jewelry and.