The Morning Shade with Sue

Wednesday, March 21st


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Where we sit in our studio here neo Birmingham parkway is right along I believe a Birmingham Papa but we overlook the Mass Pike a little bit so morning adjectives or Kendrick and right across the street is that chain to building a connection overshadows the Mass Pike you see when you drive and and they have their big display screen. And she soon hazard she use your back to the window gas but I looked. Toward that yeah everyone saw that display screen shows mr. Rogers yeah. I whole frame laugh and when it does not like you got your attention Roger I set up a little straighter I tell myself you little nicer. More mindful. Everybody loves to ride lives news. No I know when to get to a time for the morning should imagine when a six point seven sooners got a forest we are sponsored by National Grid. Do tell. All right lots of us of course David grew up watching Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and now the rare opportunity to look back at the legendary career. A children's television icon Fred Rogers. Won't you be my neighbor is in new documentary from director Morgan apple that gives us a behind the scenes look. Through interviews with Roger's wife and his production team it comes on the fiftieth anniversary of his classic show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. And the documentary now has to release date it will be June 8. Had just an excuse for me to say one more time and I mentioned this before talked to him on the phone one time. Oh like a long time ago very early in my radio career gas he was one of the kindness. Most gracious. And exactly what you dimension chancellor is just really really good capital GO OT person. Yet that's by all accounts people say he was that in viera really really Smart so I just a good dial around. Came move over Bridget Jones a Renee Zellweger has transformed her looks and she's now working on her singing skills as she starts a new film. About Judy Garland it's only yap production for Judy it's just called Judy. Is underway in London and the producers have released a photo of Zellweger playing the troubled star. The movie set in the late sixties near the ends of carlin's career and it's gonna feature behind the scenes drama. Before Garland died in the CBH 47 back in 1969. She's expected to seeing a lot of the classics that Garland is well known for including. Somewhere over the rain about how I think it's a great story in and it's sort of tell I don't know that I see Renee Zellweger and how she looked goodness she looks she looks. It's just like I know they can transform her and it's pretty and can't. Who would you look at that picture out there. Yeah it kind of was oh my god she John. Gas isn't it crazy. It's crazy but they can DO with the hair and makeup and all of that he's saying yeah I know she can and didn't she sing in Chicago area. And finally. Instincts were getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 30 mark your calendar days and I know you'll be watching how about this you can live stream the events. Well same dot com and we just fly out it's yeah. All right and everything. Go. Turns the and did hit it under the place in the next justice you know I'm gonna play instinct.