The Morning Shade with Sue

Monday, June 18th


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I don't know but any scrap of information or any tidbit of anything from Tom Brady is interesting to all of us. So it's a pretty cool that he sent them that was just a couple of vacations sent out yeah it's on the morning trade magical six points and responsible care dimensions what's going on some. We'll start with. Tom Brady he was the latest guest sit down for a conversation with Oprah as part of her super Seoul Sunday program on a home that's for network in the interview. Which aired yesterday. Great he discussed his journey to the NFL the challenges of managing football and parents should. And his impending retirement. Have you thought about what happens after. For football for you. I think about it more now than I would eat that I used to yeah I think I think there I'm seeing. That there's definitely end coming. Sooner rather than later he moved what is that in look like he's at forty. Three's and 45 hits it. It sounds I'm still love and it until there's a loving it you're gonna do it yes focus on some unloved and training in the preparation wanna make that clear commitment. But it's also I think what I've alluded to a lot and and you know on the donkey series was there's other things happen in my life to. You know I do have kids that I love and I don't wanna be. But that it's not there are my kids that yeah they're games and you know I think kids you know my kids have our great perspective in my life you know because kids just want the attention. You better be there. And be available to them. True right you gotta be available ticket I think he's. Very close closing sooner rather than yeah. I think he's got a year or two left and you know you wanna go out on top men and his kids are you know to start to get older and I'm sure he wants to spend more time with them. Kanye West may have some competition he runs for president. Return from his wife. A recent interview yes on CNN which aired Saturday Kim card dashing and was asked was asked if she would ever. Run for president and this is a real question she was asked will you ever run for president and here's what she had to set. I don't I don't think that. He then on my mind trumps president it could happen I mean that's like me a lesson or idea that anything can happen. So anything happened with I guess never say never. As a server is so real him poke him well you know what she got a taste she had two minutes in the Oval Office with child when she was you know. Rallying to get the one in party ends for the drug offends me. So you know that worksheet in I think she's now on how I do this I could do this I think that there. You can do what we all run for president helps them spot. Could this influx of and now and finally MTV awards air tonight at 9 o'clock Tiffany had a child hopes to. Black panther and stranger things lead that pack with seven nominees each. We nominations each we will not have a recap on Tamoxifen had a she's funny yes she's named.