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Monday, January 29th


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Change cordoned did an unbelievable job hosting the grammys last. Just pray that. And a lot of high points from the show it's gonna six point 7 times in the morning shape it's all about the grammys this morning I guess it sure is of course the Grammy Awards just last night Bruno Mars. The evening's big winner six grammys including three of what they call the big four awards he got record of the year. And album of the year for 24 came magic and song of the year for that's what I like. Alessio car got the best new artist Kendrick Lamar. Who started the evening with seven nominations went home with high eighth. And Ed cheering did not attend the show was a book I don't know I'm trying to figure out why he wasn't fair how how you and cheering he was up for all these big awards he won two with a big awards he must have been on Tor or some thing rehab for his broken bones are still I don't know but he got best pop solo performance for sheep have you. And best pop vocal album that's a huge one for divide his new album James cordon as you said I thought he was comfortable at that he looked like he was on his game. I thought the performances were incredible Bruno Mars you talked about this he always delivers his dancing or how he does that I was just I knew the guy was good I'd never seen him live but he was unbelievable. Agreed to form with a cardigan. And pink Timmy stole the show. I love pink anyway but then when I sonic just get up there she sang her song wild hearts can't be broken and there was no special effects cycle I get people there's fire in Milan. I went Hudson trapeze yes. I doubt she just got up there she was just like dressed really casual jeans and T shirt jeans it like it off the shoulder shirt yeah. Just turn the microphone and she belted it out and to me like I. I just thought she stole the show 24 female musicians by the way including people exe you lobbed back and today Julie Michaels are wearing white. To seeing playing along with cachet to show support of her much she's been through. I was a great show overall and really really good show Jerry Seinfeld got a puppy. Actually dealing with a consolation prize they're actually really cute puppies. And Cagney & Lacey Magnum PI now are the leader shows that are getting it reboots we've been hearing about all of these reboot the latest one was murky ground. And now these are getting reboots too. Just every single shot they're bringing back. My own ideas apparently I guess kind of thing in the not gonna bring back. Tone silicone and done to nag at PI writer I don't think it's gonna be on him but it may just be the same premise zombies on another show like that yeah. Others though he's kind of that same network announced. I know you never now you know it felt felt probably work him in May be different character but I that you will see him. And out last week's episode of this is dust finally revealed the cause of the fire that killed Jack was actually a faulty crock pot. Which like ignited a dish towel well guess what's happening. People are throwing their truck outs away because it would definitely reduced though yes and now crock pot and an apple and wait a minute everybody to our products are safe way Super Bowl chili I'm like gonna. I know. Oh well that's the thing crackpots really now having had it at people hey you better. Yeah it's a PR nightmare another sand were probably gonna see a crock pot add during the Super Bowl oh. I have to say thank you sit thirty seconds away from Shawn Mendez coming right up that's a cutter when you need it but you've got ideal image what's going I write it. We've got a couple of problems to report north following an accident the shoulders block down in Randolph picked up by the horse bridge one southbound. Between the lint fells parkway and 99 we're seeing stop and go traffic Tobin Bridge party backed the Chelsea curbs the upper end of her three. Is slow from 110 to an earlier accident at trouble called road and the expressway now about twenty minutes from Braintree into Boston we got this. Almost impossible question coming right up you are listening to morning magic.