The Morning Shade with Sue

Wednesday, January 31st


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Furosemide who follows Eric Kim Kardashian on mr. Graham these days can be careful over. Who's gonna explain. This. This morning's morning show is that he's on a 6076. Relates to tap happy too heavy winds son spent Tuesday everywhere I went into Wednesday and raven sure how good explained how bashing thinks I'm gonna start with Leslie Jones the SNL comedian is now joining NBC. For Winter Olympics coverage this so I now I love her the comedians gonna act as a contributor she's reprising her role from the 2016. Rio di Janeiro games. The networks said that she'll attend Olympic events she's going to be athletes she's gonna spread her enthusiasm for the games on TV and online. The games of course run February 9 through the 25. She just posted a photo on Twitter of her at her dress style and the red white and blue blue yearning and she was exercising and saying you know slay all day USA and all that stuff she is. So I think they need deck as the Olympics can sometimes be a little staved you know I mean yeah I didn't know they do these packages we see the story the heartbreaking you know pass for the person and another championship with. She's gonna shake all that out yet. Which is what I love. Hey out Wendy Williams and everyone else on the planet slamming Kim Kardashian in for her latest naked in a grand photos as you've probably already seen David because. Who hasn't seen. Kim shared some skin bearing photos on Monday night. Which came with some serious backlash Wendy Williams for one discussed it on her TV show saying in part camino what it is clear that kind EA does not pay attention to you. Hit it's clear to me that you are desperate desperately trying to stay in the spotlight yes she went after her. She continued why are you still doing best like you don't need to be doing this and leaving plenty mining and by the way we've all seen it before and and you know we looked at these photos. And look at them this morning yes they are felt it was important to borderline gaffe for the for the per military service they're they're really racing. The end if you ask if you step through her mr. Graham feet. There's the pictures. And some of them are you know they're really out there and then the next picture is a picture of accused of children like little kids her dad's gas and as we tell our kids all the time none of this ever goes away so when her kids get older you know this is all stuff that they're gonna see it's gonna come back to them. And by the way I think it's borderline pornographic. I mean I really doubt and I don't understand how it doesn't get taken down by businessmen have. And younger Twitter does and certainly FaceBook does but it is really have sort of standards for conflict absolutely I'm shocked I mean she's full out so there's no question that at the tragedy for the former glee clap. Bleak have to this is really really sad Marx Allen who played popped on the show. Is dead at the age of 35 from what looks like an apparent suicide. Just this past December he pleaded guilty to possession of top choreography involving a minor. He had planned to serve 47 years behind bars. At the time of his death he was set for sentencing in early march when it's like the person goes my oh my god people from that show just things have not ended well we'll Corey Monty. I drug overdose yet it's been it's been tough for them so that's that's a sad story out of Hollywood today and that is your morning and it puts up things.