The Morning Shade with Sue!

Friday, February 2nd


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To mourn and share the magic one assist with so little trouble. On the Sox in the city. Projects who's got the update on them were waiting with bated breath when Moscow on the morning shin-soo well Justin Timberlake. Held a press conference yesterday answering questions about what we can expect that the Super Bowl halftime show him. Who will be his special guest. JT took on the question on everyone's mind. And you know what he said there will be no special guests and there has been speculation that. Every one from Janet Jackson to his old instinct inmates would would make a surprise appearance everybody wants some attention actually act now and an absolutely not he said the only special guests that he will have is his longtime band the Tennessee kids. And the only thing about the actual performance that he be given way that he bill saying. Can't stop the feeling that's a big hit for him channel five's Maria's define how does this spectacular this is great and I love that because she is awesome she was at the press conference and she stood up she asked him some questions and really pressed him to say excuse rooting for the pats. He did say that he loved Tom Brady and but he stopped short of saying he's a pats fan are you said it would signal you can should go pat. He goes now he goes go hat. Yeah she does he mean pat crew. At Patrick it its UK yeah he is good. She put up the good fight to get him as a yes she is relentless in his new album is up by the way today so lots of good stuff yeah day just to yeah. Hey Sarah Jessica Parker says she's heartbroken over Kim Cattrall comments perform worse sex in the city costar. Made comments about your friendship recently your lack thereof she said they were never friends just colleague's phone call. Here I have friends yes in. Right yeah I thought. Oh daddy crazy says Sarah Jessica Parker reacted when she immediately going on dad let's say you're zero. Honest to god doesn't tell you about Sarah Jessica Parker is not. Your phone theory. Surge shut up yeah yeah. She wants to wait yeah and like this is really getting too because if the supervisor position and I know. Now starts they're Jessica Parker reacted when she appeared on watch what happens live in responded saying she was heartbroken and found it really upsetting because she said and I quote that's not the way I recall from our experience. Imagine thinking you're good friends defended them. Being like to announced she was my colleague when that six would be time for phone call the sit down between those two and almost forty years after actress Natalie Wood mysteriously drowned LA county sheriff's investigators have revealed that her. Ex husband Robert Wagner is a person of interest in the re opened its case one gas wood drowned back in 1981 after she apparently. Fell off her gambling not during the boat probably a finger quotes well that apparently I always thought it was suspicious Christopher Walken was also on that trip he's always remained silent. I don't know it's a three year her death was always ruled an accident but now they're rethinking the whole thing this is gonna get really interesting and Han River where there's not a young man he's in the seventies actually something like that gat. There's your morning shave it.