The Morning Shade with Sue

Tuesday, February 6th


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It looks like they're from the Jack and those reunite but none of the Titanic SuSE details on that there's lots more going on this time far. Good morning shape we're sponsored by the National Grid. The busy morning for you'll it is we're gonna starts with a congratulations. For John stay most I'm trying to act out happy but yes he got married. This past weekend. His new wife is actress Caitlin NIC Q with a couple. They have a baby on the way. Well they wed gotten one day. It was a day after. They had all this jewelry stolen from their hotel rooms that they had a bad today and then a very good day so it's a so here's what happened there right at the Beverly Hills Hotel. There was no sign of forced entry. So what does that tell you that said that's it in a hotel rooms in the hotel room. And that and she had all of this jewelry that was on loan from Neil Lane like jewelry worth like a 160000. Dollars insurance for that thank. I hope so. So it daddy said thieves entered the round they stole I'll put her jewelry the only. Of course some sort of an inside job like types too they even use alias names when their nose hotels died so somebody knew where she buys and she had all the story if I go back to that to the marriage for banana and the next day they got me. You should see Kendrick can you hear the disappointment and since I announced talks about you still holding the torch for John stainless from full house. Do you know I was watching repeat a full house last night thinking of the year and how. I'm going to be talking about as as a I'm not here. Millions at a time the only I here's what Palin is a very nice girl and I had this has nothing to do with her but I have a longstanding thing for him from not even just Fuller house from the original full house in the and 09 though monkey's uncle Jesse and I just have this thing for him so I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed. Look I know I don't have a shot which I think it. I didn't catch a train them like hurts a little bit like her similar. This who's got daughters husband alone. My husband dearly I am sorry to tell you it's like he's a chance maybe I. I know the pay rose and Jack to the rescue former Titanic co stars and friends Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. How about this they're teaming up to try and help save the life of the 28 year old mother. My name is jam in the top she's battling cancer she was diagnosed with a ovarian cancer David when she was pregnant she refused potentially lifesaving treatment. Because she didn't want to terminate her pregnancy. After her daughter was born she was told Chad six months to live in steps Kate Winslet. She start to go find any page for her she raises 280000. Dollars. Because she wants to do this immunotherapy which is very costly treatment. Then she goes a step further she calls her friendly out. And Leo says that's right we'll auction off some dinners. They're calling dinners with Jack and rose is no can't my foundation auction event his charity foundation event. They did that they raise another one point three million what's there now splitting between his foundation and this woman how about that sent us talk about. Do gutters and loved that story yeah me too and Taylor Swift now sort of only New York. I'm single New York City block now she scooped up fifty million dollars from the proper care she needs New York. I do that again I let's. Just soon. I don't know like Taylor swiftly yeah. And even half of paparazzi who. Garage whatever that it must have like a secret tunnel entrance or something to should get in and out without being detected an atmosphere that's all where ever she want this Tuesday.