The Morning Shade with Sue!

Friday, February 16th


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You are holding up OK who's been inconsolable. Celebrity splits. To talk about this is being this is her biggest on the morning should advantage good morning thinking where. Guys David we have both the secret marriage and a secret let's talk about today and these are. Big big big burst of we'll start with the marriage Amy Schumer got married she is officially a missing is from. One day before Valentine's Day the alias star and chef Chris Fisher. Gathered their closest family and friends for an intimate wedding ceremony was held at a beach front estate in Malibu. Schumer confirmed that they tied the knot after a whirlwind few months of dating by sharing her entire wedding album on social media really are gonna check this out a way to do it. An eyewitness describes the surprise nuptials as he casual afternoon ceremony. Amy's guest list by the way rivaled the most exclusive of Hollywood events you ready for who was who was in attendance here in the Jennifer Lawrence. Judge athletes how Larry David Jake Gyllenhaal Chelsea handler Jerry sign out. And Jennifer Aniston. Is seeking to Jennifer Aniston. I don't think she had a plus one I don't think she brought a date because she and Justin Doral. Are separated. It's not roll. I I can speak. They made a public announcement yesterday saying they wanted to get ahead of the rumors they confirmed that they split at the end of last year. After two and a half years of marriage. I don't get it she's really unlucky in love and I saw the long list your little sort of famous. Partners' boyfriends and spouses whatever right how is it possible that you're not happy with Jennifer Aniston. Or she's not happy with you either way I don't know what it is that she's beautiful she seems like she's funny she's she's irons I don't work. What's going to grow it and all of that whole fair way to Kendra everybody you know. Love Jennifer Aniston but I do think and keep the chief speculative happening now where am I based on just as a nation into action pure opinion you. And kind of November or whoever the interesting. Ben Affleck and girlfriend Lindsay should kiss taking their relationship to the next level. They went house hunting on Wednesday the upscale coastal LA neighborhood of Pacific Palisades a few miles away. From where garner who lives without flex three kids. They visited two homes in the eight to ten million dollar range few imagined when the realtor guy so what your budget apparently. Ten million and what adaptive light. And she's this she's what she do she sunset earning season producer of SNL yeah and they've been. But house in the eight to ten million dollar range I don't know his tune anyway I'm a few of his that would with a nice work if you give them. Lot of it could still think.