The Morning Shade with Sue!

Thursday, February 22nd


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Hold onto your hats because we've got the big story of the day could be the really big story of the day it's that could CT inside out chat dust up. Why even hold this back Susan we need to get to the bottom of the sun for the morning shaves but we're we're sponsored by a Boston interiors got lots going on them. It's firstly examine and when Christy teeing it is mad. People list the world news tonight that she doesn't like the new opting and snap attack and she wants to change it but she's not alone. I guess over one million people have signed an online petition asking for the photo sharing apps remove its current update that rolled out earlier this year I think it pattern now. In need in need the realm of things I need things bad about signing petitions about in this environment and thinking snapped chats latest release wouldn't be up there but a million people think differently. Anyway the the CEOs that now people just have to get used to it he's not getting right on there would it. Oh baby we've got another girl for Adam Levine and his wife Heidi prince flew they shared an adorable first photo of their newborn a picture of her feet with a caption she's got her dad's toes and her name is GO grace and she joins big sister dusty rose has to seventeen months old so. They've got a child that's not even two and now in Newport and things did change a little now households got to believe though. Humans and animals mean what how does nothing to help its they're not like a cement what I no not at all. Hey Brian Reynolds has become the new face of aviation GA in joining the ranks of ridiculously handsome male celebrities who had dabbled in the booze industry. Like George Clooney with his past amigos tequila and Drake with Virginia black whiskey before hand. So they're rich just get richer march 1 baby it's come well that's. That's underground February numbers tell her that and finally more for centers announced at the Oscars and include Dow the Dow was at day Gina Rodriguez mark Hammel Oscars host thank Jimmy Kimmel. They're just a week from Sunday now march 4 that's ABC. That's my movies to see you not want weapon revenue specialist because we all try to see as many movies is down to a contest out. So that we can have a four way yeah yeah I do not want to hit a few districts let me treat our U boom he I guess are supposed to Africa. Working lunch he worked I drank now back to work with the it was a Chelsea handler Helen nearing or cirrus government or anti coming up next.