The Morning Shade with Sue: Big Papi Is Looking For a New Job, Lady Gaga gets Las Vegas Residency

Wednesday, December 20th

It's been less than a year since Big Papi retired... and he's already looking for a new job. Apparently reality TV is not out of the cards! The retired slugger will appear on a new reality TV series on Fusion TV at the end of January. And for those Gaga fans out there, start saving


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Morning show for Majlis experts number two by the Boston LA hosts who knows so little monsters are gonna be heading to Vegas next year David Lady Gaga taking up for residency in Las Vegas for at least two years this is a big deal it's a big deal yeah she announced yesterday she's agreed to begin a two year residency in Vegas at the park theatre it's gonna begin in December of 2018. God has said that playing Vegas has any lifelong dream met fans can count on her leaving quote her heart on the stage. Every single night. Talented artists that have done this Elton John Britney Spears Celine Dion yeah movie ending your you'd be basically have a job for two years and years sold out night after night after night they work really hard they put on so many show is it goes you know forever so. I think that'll be. Listened Lady Gaga she's gonna sell out immediately he felt like that until the big. It's like she was born to play less than she was at Fenway Park for couple shows us I mean that was a Las Vegas show she was born to play as a taste of just outfits everything we not only is she fantastic. Singer but visually. You know she set to perform certain that it's just going to be a fantastic shout hey it's a girlfriend Mindy pale thing demanding project creator who is 38 welcomed her first child a daughter named Kathryn. Last Friday December 15 my favorite part of this is I just love the issues of regular name purses like gay celebrity baby new hire somebody. I you know she just Catherine. I love that and it's been just months and big poppy is already looking for a new job David he former Red Sox slugger says he's always been eager to try something new. And he is going to do just that he's gonna become a reality TV's hypocrisy is just that's kind of come down for David Ortiz though. Well I don't know everybody loves big poppy this could be hugely popular fusion TV announced a new show this week it's going to be called big puppy needs a job. The ten part half hour dot Q series will air next month it's gonna focus on poppies post MLB life. Exploring different job browns suck jazzy ready. Pet grooming. Music and more. The show premieres January 30 sort of he's gonna go into these jobs just like poppy is a Pettigrew America yeah. I can get a decent sort of a tongue in cheek kind of get a feel like big. Ask regular folks can't you know I mean listen she's the love it every that I think have created their he's never seen without a smile on his face and asked them punctures it could be quite funny actually it.