The Morning Shade with Sue: Justin and Selena are "Jetting" Around on Dates

Monday, December 18th

Why take an Uber on a date when you can take a private charter jet? That's what Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were up to this weekend. This and more in the Morning Shade with Sue! 


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Time for a time for morning Shays I Will Smith is still more Wilson at especially if you're on social media since new details on that lots more that's going on which the forests are right David they are officially back gun Justin and Selena. Jetting around together. In a private jet over the weekend they went in a dates to Seattle. They toward the candy store called the sugar factory they were seated in their chocolate lounge. They've been seen together quite a bit these days and sources say they're gonna spend New Year's Eve together. So that's says something she can do. I'm happy that they're back together this pretty ugly there O'Brien. I like the one who hadn't on an off again now for. Years and the fans for some reason now wanna see them together yet I don't know why it is but they wanna see it together so there you go look at hey actor Will Smith recently made his instead grand debut work Smith started a little conversation with his pal Justin Timberlake saying he heard he was performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. He captioned a photo of himself flashing his chest and caption yet avoid that. The Smith of course referring to the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction back in 2000 black it was a pretty funny exchange between the two of them. And mr. beyoncé also known as JC it's stopped his concert on Saturday night in Oakland California. To bring up a super fan who has beaten cancer not once but twice as great story is so awesome her name's Christina cruise she was in the crowd holding a huge sign the sign read I beat cancer two times to see you. South fear hug he literally stopped his performance he brought it up onstage she got her hug that's costs and the photo that she wanted like how awesome is that. There's stuff I know that you shaped nice thank.