The Morning Shade with Sue: Khloe Kardashian is Pregnant!

Thursday, December 21st

Not that it's a surprise, but Khloe Kardashian officially announced yesterday that she is expecting a child with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. The confirmation comes after weeks of speculation by fans. Sue has the scoop in The Morning Shade! 


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A six point seven. Well with this car dash in this Mika from morning shape but waving the bated breaths yeah I hear what's going on sponsored by bus and delicate morning still of good morning can just see how excited you are about this Chloe cardiac Sheehan has finally told the world that yes in fact she is pregnant at 33 year old reality star posted a photo financed program. Of her baby bump being cradled by the hands of her and her boyfriend who's NBA player Tristan Thompson and look at this it's honest remedy and if you're keeping track David and I know you aren't. That makes the breathing pregnant cart bashing and flew him in kind hair expecting. Kylie is expecting this Khloe is expecting. Things yes lots of them are cashing ask me. Hey while Jelena fans are over the moon about the recent reconciliation of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez not everyone so thrilled namely. Her family to just say gee Alina that's their name in the style Jelena could. Her family is not happy her mother me and is worried she revealed in September of course that she'd had a kidney transplant over the summer she's been on and off with Justin for years. In a nutshell her family just says they don't think he's a good fit for her and they are skeptical that he has changed. But you and I know the heart wants the heart once with a heart that's held a Celine anyway twenty. He three or four remaining and he's 2220 enforcement and prosecutors are adults yeah I yeah I guess so we'll see what happens. And celebrities are just like us they send Christmas cards Mark Wahlberg posted his family's holiday photo on instead Graham. It's getting a lot of reaction market shortlist it's a picture of him his wife their four kids Colin their swimsuits and looks like they're on a boat. A really big. Nice boats. And so ankle boats from the get to be deadly they're young they're young shift yeah actually they're not really like this at all affect. Yeah voice of Daphne from Scooby Doo Heather in north has died at the age of 71. For some reason this may be really sad that's being learns how we do yeah.