New Andover Shop Offers Free Wedding Gowns to Service Members

Thursday, September 13th


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I wanna get the attention of military and first responder brides is this is pretty cool the nonprofit which is called brides across America. Recently opened its first ever charity shop in handover. Wedding dresses are completely free of charge for service members active service military. And none military brides can score designer dresses for as little as 99 dollars. All proceeds from the shop go back to you organization. The shot marks a new kind of venture for the nonprofit they used to always duties giveaways that David just piggyback and an event you know they would be part of some sort of an eventual runner Andrea. Now they have their own shop stores on north main street Nana which is pretty cool. And for more information you can visit brides across America dot com to see if you qualify very good there is not alone I loved that.