No Fumble Fanny Pack

Thursday, February 1st


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So David get in line to get one it's been no fumble Fanny pack. When you're watching the big game on Sunday you can strap this around your waist and never get off the couch what's it called again the main no fumbles Fanny pack and you grew this right now it's made by a hell of a good the dip brand hell of a bed and has a way to keep your chips dip and your beer as close as possible on the left side it is a cousy lined cupholder by your right hand to find a couch conveniently sized hole plenty of chips. And right in the middle David. A space specifically designed to hold the top. Of how the good depth there even got a pocket for yourself although I just found a picture of an unknown the Google it's well. It's interesting isn't it it's not too. I would not say it enhances your appearance I was no it does keep the dip in the chips close at hand it's more functional than it is anything else but the only way to get what is to enter the sweepstakes on the hull of the good website so. Get down that limited time only thing I don't see that hey look I'm already not drinking at the Super Bowl bash. I was gonna say you don't need no beverage low lower death.