Note Wars

Monday, March 12th


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When isn't note not just a note. And answers all the time. Nine minutes left without a name on it unsigned. Definitely. Beat this note war that we have going nine in the studio is holly area it isn't note Laura isn't it and it means escalated so quickly. It's deafening. Well if somebody leaves a note anywhere work they may be you're ready you're at home and headed into work or maybe are you work listening this morning good so he leaves a note. Unsigned. Someplace at work. It's a little it's always a little more than whatever the content of the note is you know if there's also a minimum but well absolutely because if you don't and especially if you don't sign an out her fiance like. Hey David you know do you mind leaving this to me. Bubba with a smiley face Chandra then. If you don't leave any names and it's meant to be like hey you it's right it's you know when when you leave a note for example of that. It wouldn't be like you know to me from you could you just send me an email us I attached a note for the world to know. I think I'm not happy about this what did you do it right did you need this exit here in the studio and just dependent picture it's a romance that you know it's a good sized room are controlled or windows and equipment and all that stuff. And there's like every other studio office work there's a little pencil cup. There is Kapler isn't common shared things and there's a tape dispenser. And apparently was misplaced over the weekend because. It's just funny when. I came in this morning I looked up and I'll like it she was just giant piece of paper with a note attached. To the item that they were looking for in the noted that did anyone caught up into this state and it takes students touched its. I think. Whoever wrote it was bad it was up high on the green mile it just take to the tape dispenser that's awesome. Leno last week it was like people are searching for the stabler and it was just quickly go behind the TV and the monitor each turn your head just a little bit you'd find it looks like it is in my husband needs just look a little bit longer I find it to someone took the time to do way out. And design on this note. With the fonts and a little thing and and and lines for people put suggestions on where the tape dispenser might be. And they take it up in the studio and took some time yeah to print out and and right unsigned. Exactly I know there's no name so that somebody takes the note taped sit to the tapes parents are and says. It was always right here all the time you have the answer you were looking for right in front view. Got a little a little post it note to take that to the drought. And I took I have a good sensitive to picture Dorothy and go into the good pitch of course vacation that so I'm an interest in seeing how far this go and things like three notes attached to the original who you know industry. Do you have no words in your in your workplace where they happen they happen in the office to happen and you dust in the kitchen helping them. The bathroom the bathroom and that's another great area we have this we have to tell someone to flush the kind. I mean that that tell. It doesn't Basanova you don't side. About what you can sign up at.