One Boston Day

Friday, April 13th


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So this Friday the thirteenth of that would let that scare you though it's a it's going to be beautiful day at least early on with sunshine and that close to seventy today people like perfect. For now that's one of six point seven. So Monday not officially a holiday it. But Marathon Monday sort of new to an easy day yet here you got it in it's pretty much holiday it's also one Boston day. In Boston but it's kind of spread out to two outside to some of the suburban communities as well that are taking that taking Hampton and doing their charitable work. Which is really really cool we've both been no quicker around the one Boston dale through the scooter around one Boston dot org. To see some of the stuff that's going to be going on in the city and this started just a couple of years ago after the and here to after the marathon bombings. Two what draw attention to people doing good work in the city of our. Yes they said it was to kind of show our resiliency. And an hour goodness and to drop away from the tragedy of all day and people go on line and may pledge an act of kindness last year they had over 45000. Acts of kindness pledge and it can be anything big or small. And it just it it you remember the goodness of people and in the heart of all that's happened you know I mean in it's it's it's kind of a nice to. If Europe I mean if you're pursued does not prop worked charity work all the time. Yeah fantastic post and I think they're trying to reach people who aren't you know if you're not join another raid you're not somebody who. Thanks Brooke I did just go to one there's and I mean Hanley Ramirez has a post but credits the Aubrey you can tell you the post. You just you can upload he's just a little bit information about what you plan to do in your neighborhood your community and we stuck about what's going on at Fenway. With a going to be collecting. I'm Sox. Sure you know homeless. Senators in in and so forth that that need them they're going to be fifty figure apple and they're doing fundraising and so forth that's gonna take place. Does Saturday touch at Fenway Park and everybody from Hanley Ramirez to you and me can post on the with what they're going to be. That's right and the actual day is the fifteenth which is Sunday but it's kind of all weekend long people are paying attention to it everybody's like okay charity so is it. You can do that and then if you like me you find a way to talk about it for the rest of the page you know exactly what I'd try to credit market.