Online Dating Stinks

Tuesday, March 20th


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Have the experience once again of being reminded how fortunate I am to be married and not to be dating her in the dating world or anything like I have he's at Tiffany's every once in awhile. Where is she friends of mine who were dating reference in my. So we're dating oh my god alone won't be doing now. I now know the online dating world is a whole life. Subculture. Of people that lake no after all these rules are all these things you need to know about each dating site and what type of dating site it is it. Funny that you went right online game yeah there is there are people who still date and not too would online that we did like the bars and clubs and Tim mead. Friends set you well with people or something like that let's start there would you ever set somebody up. A friend of yours with a another friend of yours. Know I'd done it in the past and if it doesn't go well and go it's bad actress for everybody it's not next. You get that thing ten year like oops sorry and it's awkward. So yeah but I know Tony people who do the online dating thing and you play people by the way which worked out fabulous yeah no more than a few couples who have met. He courted married. You know again it's not that. I mean years ago was a thing where is an area met online that's weird now it's totally not the right tells people that she was happy as soon as you approach you have to know sort of the rules. You know like there's certain. Things like Tinder that's more of a hook up thing and then there's other ones that are more. Christian based and there's other ones that are for our you know the older people older. Are mature feet tall and athletic line. After working out this all different category have to know what you're stepping into it and know what I mean we have. A friend whose but it's a friend my wife's his friend of ours reductions for an hour sprint and its sheet and she's. Dating and she eased after this particular once she put like the requirements of Fletcher picking out a car like that. The interior to be let's have thirty out so you don't lecture interest it and down to the age of the person your interest today and out it's like a questionnaire they felt that they work out that the movie you kind of food you like eating all that. It's very very weird and she's been out a long time and it seems like there is. A lot of dogs out there as what I'm saying out. Totally that's the thing you have to try to figure out who the creeps into the people of good intentions and nab I would not want to be doing that. But it's also what I called reverse dating because. Everything is out do you have to you know all the stuff about the person and beyond what they put out there. You can dig in you concrete bunkers and find out so much you know all of that going like regularly. Before you ever. Many times heard their voice before you've ever Matthau. So you know all this stuff and then they have to try to live up to that expectation you have instead of just getting to know somebody by actually talking to. Yeah it's we year. I don't know that it spends money like my eleven under their longtime sore as the options she still learning things about me. And NASA contract and by the only living up to that expectation I'm still working on.