Oscar Fashion Recap

Monday, March 5th


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Which should trouble with the Matthew McConaughey about where where where I think I have. I think I have a crush on announcement on hand and you you just have millions again I guess I'd just like cam it's just what is the accent like what is it that he touted. This Harris has essence our son he's yes. So it's why you are now. Nowhere he's. Nobody has this sort of. I don't know if I can't fake accent like keep toxic impact I don't think it's fake at all I think that's just. Decisively Academy Award winner he's so I said is he's so comfortable in his own skin we were we started talking about people on the red carpet. And you asked me if there was anybody who I thought all the women look beautiful and anybody who looked like. Only through the mayor you but I went to the guy and I thought to two guys who stood out for me Michael Strahan out who just. Guys got such presence and I liked his suit along yes I got crushed in an elevator something it was awesome and meant to look okay you meant you couldn't cut McConnell head to head that he sort of had red bow tie a black. Velvet tux jacket but he didn't do for you yes he can. Since. The you know I'm gonna come right at her and I took notes like the fashion police he just had notes I rocks like you can say I'm friendly open I don't I I was right nose down and all of that is there. So I have best dressed I'd liked the white downs this year I have Mary. I'd love to search a grown in who just had a really simple like yeah pale pink dress on I just thought she looked really classy guys and Emma Stone. Can we talk and she wore pants yeah. And she looked. Amazing I was just blown away by Emma Stone and that I have my worst dressed list who's up well. Kendrick our taxing baptists are regionally I had ever read in moraine now but then I realized that she was the original you down and said then I gave her past as a on the net now that's cool and by the way back. Regret we do that my daughter was watching me maybe is watching the show with a sentence and we say how old was she she Google could have universal has rumor that was. 86 cities as a beautiful 86 and she looks like maybe she's fifty shackled at sixty she's gorgeous and I address them believe it the dress she wore was you know yeah. Asked him from West Side Story in like 1962. Shells isn't. Beautifully kept staring at her face she had a cast and she her stays barely line and wrinkle now she announced it's just it defies logic. And then I didn't like Sandra Bullock's count continues there it was like a metallic but it was sort of ill fitting into the very ill fitting up top up time and was too big is a little. Relief yeah. I was I was not I was uncomfortable this is me now which is items competition but it's a little unseemly. This is just not she's so beautiful I just thought probably a flattering dress and her hair was it was very severe it is you have a lot of I make a finding her hair was. To her head and neck I just didn't like her luck yeah. That set I was sitting in my eight Gemma. You're buffeted and just yeah in pajamas that felt like without Israel says honey yeah. For the Oscars throughout the morning special to Ryan Seacrest. I'm Michael Strahan the ABC vs you know on liable cover that in just a bit almost impossible questions next aborting magic 106 points.