This Package Thief Had No Idea What He Was Getting Into

Thursday, December 21st

We're getting a kick out of this video in the studio this morning!! This package thief had no idea what he was getting himself into.


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What happens when they UPS guy Williams on guy comes to your house in person I should say America could eat when they come yes they put inside obviously the by the door no they leave it by the door. And we've got a little like a little tiny kitchen door. To put a little entry way vestibule and they generally will put it in there are so jet plane visible to passers by but that's a big problem this year. It's been a big big problem and the thing that can deeds don't realize Lotta people have camera and finally got these cameras everywhere around everywhere so then you go on mining you see these people picking up the packages. They're. I didn't on the news last night that they that they get some guy they must have known this guy was gonna do it because they had a good police caught this guy who's just on the news last night it. Caught the Boston but the guy was in all these. Suburban towns North Shore South Shore up western suburbs and everything when they they got a guy in his car and and I would bet his house. And it was like an Amazon warehouse warehouse yet totally is completely some of unopened they were doubled his pick him up and re deliver to people. Yes they cracked an entire theft ring and they said that all the packages are going to be delivered back to their rightful owners by Christmas which is great news because imagine I mean. Face some of these things were like stereos grills like he's the big items so. It's a doctor but there was also let a lot like I'm thinking of what have I ordered on Amazon reported a couple of be really knowing you have skew that people informed you know my family suffered a bit of also ordered like go logs back in a scarf. And you think you're getting you know some new Blu-ray player in the opening up a deterrent gloves and there was going to be some disappointment there too yeah. I'm sure. But you know what then karma if you wet and stole somebody's package and all that's in there. It's like you know a pair of jewel glove that is hot here is karma this this is the same thing I saw over the weekend and it was an in this area by. To your point about people having cameras this guy and as a Washington DC Tacoma Washington. And the guy had. Have had a couple packages taken from dance steps though he figured he'd wriggle hole and got like a four camera setup. Hi Def cameras from the street perspective overhead silence us. And he was leaving boxes. That were rigged. With fireworks. That we get hurt but it scared the hell are these people who came up and tried to take it and he's got. He's got like four or five of these videos of every angle of it like. Following that first angle is that we play of these people with sound and everything in the peaked too we looked at the box and they pick it up and also knew him a bag. And the guy jumps of what happened apparently doesn't like Nash who's behind it can completely be Jeff but how do you like me now. You know there's a little bit of Christmas remember and I know revenge is in the cinema we generally you know associate with Christmas. But will put that on the magic face the project got a double double it because it's well it's delicious as what did you. You only lasted a 10010. Times.