Paige Davis Interview

Monday, April 23rd


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TLC's trading spaces is back it's been true long since then have been able could say hello to our old friend Paige Davis fellow page. Let's go in grave it's so great to see you on TV and our own. I names such a big fan of the show I was a fan from day one and I always loved you on the show and I love all of that designers and what I cannot believe is that I think all of them are right when you are rare I saw the first episode and I think it was killed the and may be done. It was our it bogey and then. Last week we have they're really great point of car Eric how I who are usually. Carpenter and are out but art designers and they're out right they are an effort averages I'm at a city state isn't that was really fun last week. I feel like trading spaces was the first home improvement reality show kicked off the whole craze. Well what's interesting to me and Paige is a win win this for started hearing about that the show was gonna be coming back I mean it. With everybody excited to come back to do the show it's amazing you have nearly every single. Designer and host and everybody was psyched to come back into the show. I think it they're real testament to that show and TU. Our chemistry and camaraderie that we it I think all of that you know I knew I wanted to come back I contacted yep he's right away I said that I would love hello. We will I'll each and every one and that's where it just it happened back but we were all much more on board when we found out that. We were all coming back it's that like the old salad so locked them. It is and I think what makes it unique is that the homeowners have no say in their renovation and and that is like all the other shows you know there's a budget and they're like consulting without. And this is just precious because they're generally neighbors and you just have no idea what's gonna happen in your round. You're right that is something that is very different and elected as that are out there even are they are designer whatever we say. It could be ample you know. That we're back with the budget is so small and they're right make a huge change with so little money it forces them. To do pretty out of the and it actually healthy I would try to put the balance. Oh my god she is fantastic I love her hurt it. But I think what she did such a nice job with Paige was win win there would be someone who would you know the repeal would calm and you could tell right away either through their body language or when they burst into tears. That you know they where they were less than tribute to such a nice job navigating that. Oh it'll be okay don't you like you'll find something about it as that was positive that was really just magic. It's nice that the two sets of neighbors knew each other well enough that they can hang out and share each others homes in that they would do that that was a nice little bit of business to. It promoted community and neighborhood and I. I'm partly like that what I did it on our floor here in this building all that in our hat he's very athletic department and we sit in the hallway big quieter chatter. During that he'd play whatever. I live I couldn't live with TI think that's out there. An important. I or a forty we're here are likely never gave it my outlook or hurt you know like they couldn't understand the court that the bigger cities that they really couldn't understand. We wish you continued success with the return of of trading spaces it's really really great to see on TV once again it's on Saturday nights and PM on now on TLC and I. I had a great time you paid. By that I mean I.