Passive Aggressive Notes

Wednesday, March 7th


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Pleasure passive aggressive game at work he did it to those games and asking for friend. I'm not. It is an incident I guess right there why is our our. Our our receptionist got in front of the building if it doesn't. Say a lot of offices we have a receptionist to sort of handles everything right at the front door when you're walking yet sanction us. And the long and short of it was some stuff must've at some some off the kitchen supplies. Spoons and sugar packets of stuff that can understand and kitchen got delivered over the weekend via. And somebody left what was perceived to be kind of a nasty note. On the receptionist desk. Unsigned by the way mobilized saying. Can you please move to compete kitchen stuff down to the kitchen. I think that was the gist of it I think you can take the note a couple of different ways you can write and that was that that or you take it like somebody was saying when you gonna do your job. Night and and by the way is. A receptionist job to move the kitchens of boxes of kitchen supplies down. And by the way if you got time to write a note and like yeah it on the list of what you will do this stuff down in the kitchen and make. Exactly but setting that aside. Isn't the best when people have not humility they raised their passive aggressive or what's and it's funny I was doing a Google search and office politics and passive aggressive at the office. Sugar coated hostilities this putt or one article called it I love that smile and it's somebody and you each step of the bat well yes and you Lotta punch him in the throat pictured life. I know everything's good everything's really good up. No but now she is she on the search to find out who wrote it's a one help them I don't know how she she got she edged up. Utley and I don't know how. Players fight first I said. No they probably didn't mean it outweighed the other because that's the first impulse I think I tend to sometimes takes them negatively that isn't that how long did it take you to escalate to console if I. That entire time. I like here's what you need to do. No need to start thrown around HR even if you don't talk to a charity you need to goes to tell everybody doesn't did you know who wrote this HR is in just didn't I hit Utley might wanna talk to somebody from. Also our place has. Security cameras outside his couple in the lobby in a much better tell people that the they're gonna go to detain us and look you know see you know. And Larry yearn investigator determined not stir to bomb thrower. And here's instigated it did panic completely benign thing like somebody was just like. I'll maybe she'll just take care this tomorrow and they're running out the door I think here's the here at the bottom line and I think that's possible. Anything patients in the note yeah now I'm something I'm signed is yeah you're asking yeah some of you do something own. And then when you find out it's become a thing. You just got owned and I don't know sorry I didn't mean like that I was just thought you know double what are we your job or something like that accounted I think he can defuse a lot. Felt like simple if there really hasn't gotten it's actually finding your year. I asked her right. Hot starts and Anna-Lena. Learn something new today. But custody Sunday night with thirty seconds away from commercial free music let's get the traffic first what is our drive look at likes to remind me to never ever ever if she looked that. All right stopping gun now on the expressway but really not bad overall 25 minutes that's better than usual I think a lot of people. Kind of back staying home waiting for the storm to ramp up three north that we do have an accident. It's out of there is by derby street and that's any on the back to route 53. Tobin ranger back to Carter streets Mass Pike Sloan now 95 to the supermarket overpass and one southbound. Still seeing some minor delays through decide especially turn and look at that window. Snow. Obama saw the snow start the fall supposed to start this early on to your.