Patrick Has a Flat Tire... AGAIN

Thursday, August 9th


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Our earlier and accounted for barely Sunday's Idaho Leo again here at the Simpsons and how we do it I have no idea how I get anywhere any day. Let's just take. Let's send it wellness expert says 5:42 in the morning we're all seated Roland cheers as David and other details pursued hundreds whose share cameras could see you this morning. And Patrick made it and it just barely it's mind. What happened this morning so I wake up you know I got my back packet come in want to box and walk us through my car turn it on and I hear the. Low tire pressure. Now crap I'll just go take a low key idea Pope back left tire flat flat like. And what time it let her work or so below. You know too low to safely drive into work you know 93 weeks ago I got. Another flat tire. And what time was this that was a cell lake full hour this was actually you know like 4:40 in the morning. And assists on nine you have all your stuff which he is ready to just keep going keep going and the pace of the routine excite routine of the morning is right everything stopped. One minute delay on anything I am here it's like you know leave my house at 440 I can on the highway for forty so one minute off it's glasses again so flat tire so you get out you look at it. Zero profanity GT unlawful. I could be the derby a lot of profanity or an awful and mean it is already for and he's being up that early in the mornings now. So what. Do you do you have you don't have like it. Compressor when those can't nobody do enough things in your car and what's a compressor yeah. I think this is that they live about a goal and have fun and I don't quit I'm about to go all you kids these days Eileen. I wouldn't know what to do I'd like is what's that immediately pump it up late shifts she licked a car and get lifted all that Jack and I had one of those. I'm in Austin, Texas I'm not gonna change and Ouattara. I think I think there are fewer and fewer cars that have my car doesn't have a spare tire and I got to sort of 2015. Million common reason cars the last couple years and includes spare tires in scope called AAA or call the yeah weren't ready assistance is something like happen. You gotta you gotta get real school you on how to change tire seriously guy wouldn't know how to do it like at all really would you know how to do it right right this second if you had a flat tire you could just got a boo boo boo and you know until it. That changed for you about eight minutes. Can you I'm detained and turned it. How to change a flat tire drivers and now and I think back now I don't think I've learnt I just you watch my parents do with a little Jack sang an on the side of the road I was like I'm never gonna be able to do that game. To totally do and there's fewer and fewer things in a car in cars today that I mean an article called rumors on your continued. There's fewer and fewer things you can do to write like you lift them but I just look at stuff and I'm not good touch anyone actually seen here in the cars are running. But the tire of its flaws and just Jack and a particular one off with a new one on them. What did you do how did you get here. While there's a gas station right down the street from my house seat just build it yam Woolsey how flat it is like an hour. Definition they just had a flat tire a couple of weeks ago hasn't hasn't even been a month and right after the fourth of July so annoying isn't it yeah no parking near your whatever he's gotten us I he has yet. An out if that's so frustrating while we're all here and accounted for were hoping for a a flat tire free morning for who usually make your way in this morning so. Let's gonna get the rain and thunderstorms and heavy rain and all that through most of the mid day today ministers from Britain at the dry out. Another another warm morning 72 already how thousand dollars is waiting for you we get that way next hour almost impossible question is on the way as well. Let's light this. Thursday morning. Morning next it's.