Pats Playoffs and Snacktime.mp3

Friday, January 12th

What is your favorite football snack and cocktail? #GameTimeBaby #MorningMAGIC 


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I think it'd be about this time tomorrow about 6:30 tournaments 7 tomorrow morning. That the yet the first shopping consulate or market basket where Indian market basket because tomorrow's compete in save me. And I think tonight and tomorrow morning. I think you'll start as early as tonight yes that's gross explicit gummery Davidson we're looking for the patriots game tomorrow night in a rare Saturday night game and very important game playoffs and all that. As important as the game itself this next week that he's serving. But it it's complicated by the weather tomorrow. Yeah because you know it's so warm today it's going to be really raining tonight. One tomorrow and then I'll decide then by tomorrow afternoon the temperature is just mr. dropped down into the twenty's so all that water is gonna iso person they're really concerned about flooding an icy conditions. So people. I'm going to be flocking to two places. That would be the grocery stores. And a liquor stores can like I wish there was some way I could convey to our listeners who did. The dismay in your face as you say that I crestfallen you're concerned. You you probably had a market basket trip planned for tomorrow anyway right but now you've got to. Fight off everybody's trying to get their early because of the storm and with the team it's going to be moments and it's funny because it's different things that Libyan people's car it's right like with the snowstorm. You had the bread. And then milk. And the windshield wiper fluid and all of that right to pet food now you're gonna have the wings. Adept at salsa and Tito chipped it guacamole of the avocado scenario those those bad exactly the staples that sort of I game it is. Right as close as the package to them and you go to the store before you go to market for a studio afterwards and keep appear cold wind so when you get home its fiscal. They're a nice thing in my town is that the liquor store fire is in. The my market basket sinister model into stores the next door. You actually take your market basket cart right into the liquor store oh. That's not allow me how well I have done that mentions it I totally see you can win the game come at a more now we have the grocery store and what should go to. Snack food I mean we're looking at. I don't know the world of people coming over or not but will definitely you know smack it out what's the go to snack food that you be getting it market basket tomorrow will put little FaceBook would love to have you can check endless network went looking for new ideas as its monitors so we need your point is on snacks. Let's and I. Primary. Market basket a race out there to put us exports of the almost impossible for us also this hundred dollar Disney gift card giveaway. That's ten minutes away at magic.