Pay Day Means WAHHHOOOO!

Wednesday, January 31st


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Yeah. And that's what happens in this room in our little studio here in the last ten minutes. It was that we realize that today was payday there's three of us here. Three of us realize that today was payday. Does everybody get on a good direct deposit yes yes yes we all instantly when the messenger bank account went right on line to make sure the money was soon started pulling. Spending it in Haiti got standing at the spending and in my mind I think you're actually online you're actually spending. I'm actually spend. As we speak at at I spent it before we got it because I put to vacation yesterday so I was in advance like like knowing it was coming today. I spent it yet stupid and like I can go to arrives and you become like a fool go where the yeah. It's oh yes I would say its stake in champagne on the day you get paid like tonight I'm a bit like let's get away is let's buy some good campaign and now. Obviously all the App Store on the way home and pick up something and decide that I didn't even knowing wanted to not needed. And then and like another week you're like okay how about some Rama noodles and some. Miller Lite but. It is the other thing I'll do is I'll spend money during the month. In my mind gap from running and I'm gonna get a couple weeks like whatever the number is you know you pay need. And I know that's a much money is gonna go into account and then I will Galarraga will I see eighty dollar something rather that. To exporting goods and I Apple Store and I'll go that'll be eighty dollars less but that's okay because we have this month but I do got about nine different times or spend the same money nine different times. Me too and you don't even take into account all the bills you have to pay with that money you act as though it's just money in you know this disposable income like we can just do whatever we want like. Oh luck and it all this money and then once you pay all the bills show like out half the -- nothing left over a decade. And only one more thing out there too yeah. I think I think I get to the money. Before my wife does like I log on this forum I log on right now did she did so if this is discretionary. Money I get dibs on it only because I'm faster at going online to my dad does. And she's a per game and my how do you handle that stuff from the M I knew I pay the bills my husband doesn't have a chance yet. He did I don't think you know. Know how much money he never saw it and poured time he just kept his like he always says to me if I go to the ATM twenty bucks pops I know where do feel like I don't know. I'm happy and tells us he's a simple man it's worth and he had no well not be paid day everybody we're dancing around like idiots. Magic morning show and then tomorrow will be like a while ago whether that's a little bit the hangover.