Peeing For IKEA Discount.mp3

Friday, January 12th


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So I key want to pregnant shoppers to actually. I Kia has a new interactive ad hearing is applied to a strip near the bottom of the ad if the person who urinated on it is pregnant. I discounted crib price. Will appear on the page the ad which is literally blowing up the Internet right now is created using similar technology to a pregnancy test that you would buy. You know I don't see if it's better equipped Lou and yeah this week. The ad which has been making waves as I said and the Internet was created by a Swedish company and it's in a Swedish women's magazine. And it's called Emilia magazine and people are talking about this because have you ever heard such thing so walk me through this get together and now hanging well. Let's see if I'm pregnant. And Natalie that run but who's the person that I Kia who has to actually be handed be as well that was where extra. Whatever those Taylor they can't those cashier's it is not error.