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Good morning and welcome to exceptional women on magic 106 point seven I'm suit have been our guest today. Is a woman who leads a nonprofit that jumps into action when neighbors face a sudden life crisis she is Paoli Mendoza the executive director of neighbor brigade. She's here today to spread awareness discussed the mission of the organization. And of course to share some of the inspiring stories she's witnessed over the years good morning and Malcolm Polley. Good morning thank you so much for having me it's an honor to be on the felt. Well it is a pleasure and I want to start with a Mimi birther brigade when I look at that name and I hear that word. The word brigade it sort of conjures up images of people marching together for a common cause which pretty much sums up. What you guys are all about right its neighbors helping neighbors. Right that's exactly right you know at the team of people of caring individuals in your power that wanna help you get to you. A temporary crisis when you're going through a difficult time. Now these people that are facing a crisis what types of circumstances. Are people generally dealing with when they reach out to you for help. Yeah the good question though it does have to be temporary. Nature. Nothing chronic. I'm long term but something Padres are more common situation is that somebody's going to get the treatment. They might also be having surgery. Perhaps they got into a car accident a recent death in the family. Complicated pregnancy. Anything that really temporary by nature so we need. Here you are hoping that backers they needed healing and recovering. And getting to you you know their crisis during that time so roughly. On average are typical circuit flat from anywhere from one to four months but it can get goal line for up to a year. And what type of services you provide. Is it meals is at aaron's what types of things. Yet so we want to copy your basic eat while you're in your crisis mode and then number one circuit that we do you know. And really like electrical line. That might be going to. There IP or you know they can have it back in and victory. Me and Leo in the number one and at least I went and although I'm quite. You know great in the engine. People are hurt and I and the Al. And had taken up. Either immediate exit the market I think even. Look back you know and they wanted to be the kind of use that from Leo at that. Look commentary that we have but we have lots of others as well. I'm rides and medical appointment so there crisis is medically days and again and there aren't surgery. I'll be well take them there. Doctor's appointment I helped them. You know get it back patent and expecting their doctor and everything. We opted to ride to the pharmacy pick up their protection and lead and all of you ride the supermarket Hopkinton and shopping. And that didn't we do that can't do not boarding pet care. One of our common activity that we do is stop blocking. You know when someone had that surgery they've broken leg is broken arm to get it here their pet anymore and their pet is very much a part of their family. Yeah I was gonna say that must be a big one because people love their pets and pet doesn't understand that you can't take a lot cooler. So that's that's a big one I'm sure you know what it's all free which is what. I don't I was just like wow how did they do that so our office service is donating. That there come from the volunteers themselves which is beautiful you have somebody in your pound. That is. Buying ingredients and cooking a meal or they're driving a person in their car. Or there you know it's they can't afford to help in other ways they can walk god which did you know it just takes time it doesn't take any. You know monetary assistance on the part of the volunteer so. So it's completely free for the recipient who is receiving services. I'm but obviously if you're a volunteer. You're paying for some of the ingredients that go into the food and things like that but for anyone who needs the services. It's a 100% free there are no requirements being no I'm parameters anyway. Can receive the services and that's what makes sense of that as it inclusive to everybody in the community. And that's there's gonna ask you how do people qualified but I guess that's not the right word to use the you don't have to qualify how do people find you. Yeah happy. Have to qualify on me saying they need to remember is that have to be temporary by nature so. One the common confusion that some people might have it. They'll call on behalf of an aging parents but hey. I'm hoping my. My I it's. Nine years old and she's frail. And she needs help unfortunately that's not the best fit for yeah well we give them prefer the places that can help them. And we've got some great resources. Our policy is never know if we do have this thing you know our own services. We think weeping now we have this service for you that we can offered via. So. The only thing that makes them qualify is that it does need to be a crisis that's temporary nature. Not 100% related to their financial situation. Though is that you know someone's car broke down and they can't afford to pay to fix the car. And then they can't get there annual tech but the doctor. That wouldn't be it because that is under and I hit. And that that the annual check up but not for cancer treatment by their car broke down and they're going to can be treatment okay that answers temporary we can within. And the brigade will come and help them out. Okay yes that that's actually really important clarification. Yeah. And I want to talk about how widespread you guys are I was surprised that this neighbor brigade has 33 chapters many are here in the Boston area. Are they are run by volunteers. They that we have quite that they are in Massachusetts but we have six others in other states and were growing. He's here we add on about five or six new chapters. On average though. Jets in 2016 we started expanding into Connecticut. Me about the island. 2017. We thought it Jerry becoming into the picture and that I think about an eighteen Lee. Opened up our efforts West Coast chapters in Seattle L well dad so it but it see it expanding and every time we expand it because. Cell lines that somehow affected either directly or indirectly. From our services in Massachusetts. And they'll. They had a family member I had a friend who receive services they were so inspired by it that they wanted to bring it there out. And about how actors start we don't. Question actors on any town or any person it is a 100% a volunteer. In that pound and it caught the chapter leaders today ahead volunteer. And they're the ones that want to bring their town that they act as a point person. And they did the community outreach fret I'm that we provide a lot of marketing materials brochures. Won't get information off on local web site and agencies. But that's present at the quite pertinent that the caring individual in that pound I want to bring this free service. Today Taliban and it's great for volunteers to get and he can get involved in helping people. That might actually be there and if there. If you're just waking up and tuning in you're listening to exceptional women on magic on a six point seven I'm suits have been were chatting with piling Mendoza. The executive director of need Berber gained an organization that works to support people who are facing a side in life crisis. Polly has been sharing the mission and the reliance on volunteers and the impact the work has in the community let's get back to our conversation. And it's it's really cool like you said it's probably somebody who has a personal connection. To the organization whether they've been involved as a volunteer. Providing a service or whether they better recipient. And and they have seen the impact in the difference it makes and then they wanna carry that on and bring it to another community. That's right you know it's interesting so our most dedicated volunteers but ones that sign up. You know every week to do something are off one who received services maybe 23 years ago and they know. What it felt like I have that helping hand. And there were times when they most needed it and how it all to have somebody who. You actually don't know you know one thing to have different and Stanley which is great some people don't have that network. But that the court that you got that before. They might have a couple miles away from you Howard and you know it is time to cook I'm Leon and Saturday aid to drive and an appointment. And it something really actually beautiful about that connection and sometimes you know I I didn't happen I found. And and I feel friendship for people who had never before because this. You know act of kindness. They've built a new friendship and that can be a lifelong friendship it's really need it. That's so cool and and I can imagine. Oh when you have a family member bring something not that it's not important it you don't feel good about that but. It's different when a stranger shows up because you know. It's not an obligation for hey it's not like oh look they you know they have to comment whatever this is somebody who truly authentically. Just from the goodness of their heart has come to provide some assistance or relief TO. But pray and pray and and how people here are recipients say oh my gosh I wish I had leaked out these guys in there you know it's hard. Except that you're in crisis and it I. To. You know reach out for help and just accept that help put out there that's what we're here for. That's why the volunteer sign up they want to help and so. They're ready and waiting and that the recipient police say I thought we got a little bit thinner you know. Yes. I want to talk a little bit highly about the charities routes because it all began with a woman by the name is Pam watch act tell me a little bit about her and her legacy. You know. People that you hear about in your life that you wish he had met personally I. I wish I had met her by. I do feel like I. I aides get no harder. Personality. And who she was the root of volunteers that are still with our organization that did he act. And are kind of recruited by her because. She. She lives Whelan president. And see you later diagnosed with cancer in 2000 and kill them for the first time and her and her dear friends seeing thigh and vote diagnosed later on the scene Hyman and they would. They realize their bike that he looked therapy together and unite the maximum on the buy side talking about the support that they had this book had a beautiful network of friends they were friends and they had similar trends and down. They're friends would cook and you know they both had children and I think he had three beautiful daughters. And Sheen have two children and so they needed help getting their case activities. That is very young at that time. And they got Leo they got pet care you know they've got everything that neighbor repeat that now is because they received those. Services from our friends and when they went that you got their feet. They. Significant difference for. People who have that support group and people who didn't and they felt very flat and very fortunate to have the the purpose but they were always aware that not everyone you know hurt. There is reason maybe you'll live far away from your family. You know immediate family has passed away whatever it and you might not have that support group they wanted to make sure that everybody had that network. And they started interpret it how recently it was called but we haven't seen. And it's beautiful name that they didn't want. You know they didn't want anyone who perhaps wasn't related to our. I'm for whatever reason not to and joined the group and they'd be changed the name neighbor pretty into Kapanen and when it formally became. A nonprofit organization so. I am you know it started the wailing means. She. The end of the network and so many different pound arms she applied for nonprofit status in 2000 and hands. And then unfortunately she locked her out of the campaign 2000 and clout. Her legacy to live and act kind of that are dying every day all across math achievement but that was her dream. That happened expand into other states and are not happy that we can carry out the dream or her and we're now learning that it isn't that exciting. That's really exciting would think Pam would say today. About neighbor brigade and sort of how far you've come you've grown. Yeah you know. I hope. And I beyond that she would that be. So there that and hacked by all the stories that we continues. Here. Neighbors helping the injured. In and with that basic ED I am I so last year. What their fifth anniversary of Pam I'm I'm and I talk a little bit about impact flop by. Because it was that fit into victory. Organization and I went through all of pan book I have a lot of her notebook. Our halftime and mean. When she was starting organization and she sent. She was. Rating TPC rapid fire. Her ideas. And she wanted it could be an inclusive organization that really incorporated everybody in the community. And last year we were so fortunate to get. Significant grants from the middle effect elevating foundation. In order to help would be more inclusive we translated. Our commercial way. And thanks to a quick call back and translation we translated our brochures Spanish Portuguese and Chinese. Add. To get more translations. I'm two other grant in the future as well but we want to make sure every one are we start in the community and I think Pam. Would really. Have proven that he wouldn't be so happy and that. We're reaching out there every line. In in the pound that we kept actors because. Everyone knows how amazing it he you know when someone be without that helping hand thing here you're part of. If you're just waking up and tuning in you're listening to exceptional women on magic on a six point seven I'm suits have been were chatting with piling Mendoza. The executive director of neighbor for gained an organization that works to support people who are facing a side in life crisis. Polly has been sharing the mission and the reliance on volunteers and the impact the work has in the community. Let's get back to our conversation. And tell us a little bit about the running notes in the follows in October cams around. It is not over every year are coming. In New Hampshire and it is October 14. And it is Sunday in the way and and it pained in issue. I'd be here communities that. We have a five K ten K and they can walk or ride. But I'd pay and it and it is that correct and have a problem everything. And then we haven't hit sunrise is that Leo can participate in their own run it is really need to see. I watched in a parent or loved ones you stick may in the make it to do it in their own in the glory at Sydney. And we've got a minute and a lot of time in the past. I don't teach your family affair and. We've got patent ideas that I would have been music group you know local music group and so it's really fun event and it in the fall it's just beautiful and New England. And we get pot you know we have. All wings chelios is we've got circles for and it's very obvious great businesses that supported that. And make the event possible. And it has been great day out. For any walkers or runners very different people want a common have a good time. He it on October 14 in Wayland and education is open. And we're always looking for community thought that the update any businesses out there. That would like to get involved. And support our effort to. Well is there a web sites Polly that people can go to get more information about it. Yeah that. Pam bright dot com is the right let's say and then he can. Find links to pamper and feel our organization's web site which is. He neighbors pre. IO RG. And notebook that I view information about a ride. Labor brigades when I saw them at information act services and how to volunteer. Sign up if you'd commit these differences. Well. Yeah I don't want to say it's a neighbor arcade dot org yes can donate there or you can and find out how to get help if you need help. If you want to volunteer and I'm imagine that there's ways to volunteer even beyond. Showing up to somebody's house and knocking on the door that maybe union administrative helper things like that as well. Yet there there are always ways that people can help in they have more administrative skills. You know maybe they wanna help with marketing social media. Handing out brochures to different faces and their pound. There are always ways that people can help. I it's art chapters throughout the year. Legal. And beyond and make that we do community drive. Physically away when things might be a little slow could be kind of grow. Do. You know patents that are in my pocket and I'm that are a little bit slower and and the summer you know a little bit slower. But community drive and though our chapters will partner up with a local organization usually a nonprofit or or. A town agency of some sort potentially. Dignity matters that the local organizations that help homeless women. We you know we have churches that we partner with. And we see collect items that whenever they need epic gambling Natick. They're collecting items. For low income families. That can't get back to school but I think they're doing that right now a backpack. Who applied and old Sony's. Hold on to backpack glowing completely that I get me to go back to school. But things like that you know some of volunteers can only help there in the community drive you as they might work you know. 95 and the like it did the right now for them to go sign up for the community gotten up that way. You. We. You replicated leave. We. If you volunteer once a year ago there once a week we value. Everybody. And you know in boat. A huge help. And we have just need all year long and a lot of ways to get involved. And again you know your local and you want to support actor is India after bonds. And you can get your business and Corey marketing tool do. Connections we have about 3500. Volunteers. That are out in in yet been greatly from local business owners who might want you we got those volunteers and and now. About what city have operated well. And we we're we're almost at a time but I want to ask one last question and that is as I speak Q what strikes me is the on. The passion in your voice for what you do you've been doing this awhile and yet. You still talk about it like. You just love every minute out and I want to ask you what keeps you excited and so involved in this cause because you didn't know Pam. And yet you you talk so highly of her and I heard legacy. Yeah I left that question. You know what I. Started working with it or pretty I'll be honest it was really hard to hear all of this story you know he would have. Our recipient call requesting help and you know you talk to them for thirty minutes to an hour to discuss what they're going to do. And it it was really hard for me I get off the bone and just start crying if we have so many people that they're going to so many difficult time. But then I often get calls from volunteers thing. You know what it they've just changed my life in and I was feeling bad about my own personal particularly and I got help somebody else about. And now I could feel much better about myself and I know I'm helping my community. And different stories that you hear. People reaching out to one another. Isn't that beautiful way. Listing it makes it look you know want to go to work the next day. It inspires view and it makes you grateful for what you have. And I you know I love my job about what they feel that film very like he could to be an aggregate. Well thank you so much for out of time thank you Paula for being with us on exceptional women today we are so grateful for organizations like neighbor brigade and we wish you continued success of your mission to help your neighbors. In their time of need thank you. Thank you so. But it was great because Libya. YouTube a guy. Italian Mendoza a neighbor for gain has been in the spotlight today on exceptional women that remember that exceptional women are everywhere we interview athletes and CEOs and celebrities but we also like to talk to teens. And co workers and your neighbors were quietly making an impact out in their communities. Email us you know some kind of fits the bill we'd love to hear from you meantime. Thank you to my producer candor attorney into all of you for listening this morning tune in again next Sunday at 730. For another edition of exceptional women on magic when a six point seven have a great day.