Poor David.... and his tool belt....

Tuesday, January 9th

David made the mistake of telling Sue and Kendra that he wears a tool belt while fixing things around the house... and then things got a little silly on the air!


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Who calls up there is no getting used them well. I think the funniest thing I've ever heard money or not. Could not. I'm wondering where you're gonna go this red let us explosive gummery stated as soon as you've you've cuss in the middle of. Well yeah and who is he anti who's not in our households right like do you know who if something breaks in the house who fixes that. You know who uses the tools and you set I had several tool benches and you go a little workshop there on the east tool kits enough. I said. And you said do you use the tools or do you just look at public servant of house because you and this is the thing. You're really good at a lot of things you don't strike me as like mr. handyman around the house like I just so that's rice said is it more about like would kick my tool that well. Well now it is let's let's I wanna be clear I don't believe there you know I don't I got. It's safety goggles and it will belts and stuff but I don't and wanna. Give like a size are circular side and things like that chop blocks of tables on real life loop at safety glasses more tile cutter. And the tile continent something you rent more than anything but the point is this what this this the point. When I was growing up may be in your house too and Kendra perhaps in you as my dad could fix. Right right and so whenever there was a plumbing problem in the controllers on the with stole over whatever you go hold on everybody I. You run down and as he gets on tool in the comeback started and fifteen minutes the thing was thick and I think part of it too is my parents couldn't afford to call somebody and like they have. I do with himself so my father was self taught say. You know because they had no other option that was like you got sick right right so I don't know I aspire to that I know why and I'm nowhere near you know wobbly data bella and I might be generational thing to you guys of his generation data sheet metal worker and could do anything with Betty that's. So use sort of aspire to I know I have come close but I got the tools we have to look at doing weight do you Wear tool belts. It's fun to counsel and outside work too good value predict the outcome let's go to ocean. We need documentation. I'm David within about I'm not talking you know that's. I can do that dynamic. And cute. That.