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Friday, July 27th

Post 390 is celebrating Shark Week with their very own “Charc Week Sharkuterie”, featuring a special lineup of charcuterie for the week!   Now through July 29, Shark Week fans and charcuterie lovers alike can unite for the festive menu at Post 390’s, and toast to the celebrated holiday with Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Cisco Brewery Shark Tracker Lager. The full board is $35, or diners can order one item for $8 each.

Cape Shark Pastrami (house-baked marbled rye, spicy brown mustard, fermented cabbage)

Pickled Herring Rollmops* (beetroot, watermelon radish, spent grain bread, cultured butter)

Chilled Smoked Mussels (herb aioli, pickled allium, breadcrumbs)

Scallop Mortadella (pistachios, smoked pork fat, sweetcorn relish, petite pain de mie)

Dill-Cured Bluefish Gravlax* (mini everything bagel, chive cream cheese, capers, pickled fennel, red onion)

I was lucky enough to chat with Chef Nick Deutmeyer from Post 390 about this fun twist on Shark Week and find out what went into this unique creation!

Click HERE to find out more about Post 390 in Boston!

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I'm Nancy Quill and we are celebrating shark we. In a great way along with their friends from. Post 390 in the back bay. To see if I concede this race shark cooter repay it within SC chain arcane show her tutoring. Shark are doing as seafood churkin injury. So we already have a pretty strong traditional chart could group. We decided to dude do it with seafood so we sourced all local sustainable seafood we have five little vicious and all of them are. Preserved in some way and saw it like a shot or stroke leaderboard. Grading actually some chart kind today I brought in tomato we're also doing dark fish or keep shark cool and we may pastrami out of it now let me ask you also brought in pick several months when her parents decide eastern European thing. To make a role Maki spread Dijon mustard on it and roll it around cornerstone pickle also you have scholar of mourning Delano I think aborted Della I don't think of Scotland so you'll have to explain how this case. If you take they scouts are sees how some puree them sentiment and whites the textures sort of similar to baloney. We basically took that and we seasoned it like more to Della folded in some to substantiate those. And cured and smoked a little cubes of pork fat. Shark week is going on till when till Sunday Cecil had a chance to get in there and enjoy some this. Shark who marine insurance week it's nice to have you. Thanks so much from chef nick do we admire he's the staff add post 390 in the back pay check out shark week before it's over.