Pothole Robots

Wednesday, June 20th


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So pop told robots that works through the night to fix roads are going to be tested on British streets I love this idea I pray it works. And it will come to the US the drone mounted devices will scan roads looking for small cracks and potholes. They'll be able to fly or crop to the cracks. And 3-D print asphalt to fix them. In less than a million. This is truly lost in space stuff you're the future has arrived experts say that the gadgets can work at night resulting in minimal disruption to traffic can you imagine that what we need this from the right now today right. Let us today that thing and I'm glad that you said that because they said it's a that's actually a five year research project that they're working on we may have to wait for awhile. But they say if it works like this could change all locked the terms of traffic yeah. A genius I tell about it as a genius yeah like that's fantastic loans robots and 3-D printing their dad very cool isn't it.