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Wednesday, January 3rd


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Hours from right now. The foot of snow in Austin and 55 mile an hour winds blizzard conditions. And we don't care. This without a care in the world we could be happy because. We're on our way to winning either powerball yes or Mega Millions more after you won for me. And so we can just jet off and I private jet to our own islands we don't care what if we went into effect just fantasy talk about winning golf I mean it's kinda interest in this because what is with that candor is our resident expert on all things lottery for who she candidate has the lottery tickets in your in your purse right now for you have they can save twenty distorted numbers once and keep giving it. 400 something for powerball. And 440. Million night. Tonight 124. Of the best signings and millions do it can if you win at least like five you can get a million dollars. Say that so that this is how does that work because. I got a tea I'd that we lottery tickets over for Christmas and video lottery tickets you know from my in laws that's like the stocking stuff forget that in many. I'm like a black hole of lottery for the no joke. Dodge pick five numbers when you pick a power about and then you pick five numbers and you pick a mega ball for each of them okay so if you match. I'm into the regular numbers and not the Popeye you couldn't you win a million dollars. That's why you gotta try it out and extra special number of your that your whenever there you have but the chances of winning LA. 250 million to one or something like that it's it's. Crazy but I guess some BS to win look at the woman in Chicopee China now 600. In dollar that's who runs right. That would that was over the summer the lady. Yeah I mean 715. Million dollars and she won because he said it was in Watertown for yet another girl is western Massachusetts yes. But still 60700. Million that's who haven't heard much from her lately. I say we think she's well. I'm western mass let me tell you that I can go really far. Let me taste of it she's a shovel and our driveway tomorrow okay. She's got just got to keep ball then. Yeah people were good luck so when you go to the bread in the milk and whatever else reporting you know effective baskets and it got to the lottery ticket or two.