Pyrex Tattoos

Tuesday, August 21st


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Are we out there's always a tattoo trend line assassinate the site three tattoo here and there really unique and his big patriots fan could I. Think you've seen the ball well in my calendar on the voter apathy. Have you seen them all there's no hidden spots there that that that does get very. Well now this new instant Graham tattoo trend is just I'd ridiculous but what can I say at a packed paycheck in my foot so I mean. They're people are now millennial mostly art tattooing the higher acts like the kitchen. Potter X brand congress than there are young punk play particularly swearing in on measuring cups. And they're now tattooing those designs on their bodies. And just sort of connect with their grandparents that's what they're saying because all of my grandparents used those Corning wearily debate where they've got some of the public a little doves. The little symbols that kind of trail out. It's another thing hand. I explanation I found tattooing that that the logo from the big square yes because they wanna get close to their grandparents hollowed out. Her grandparents or goes well and the entity to them I mean I. Spoiler alert there's another way to get close. You're going to go get close to grandma I mean I know but again what can I say yeah. And then on my ankles I mean.