Recapping Sues Magic Milk

Wednesday, February 21st


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May have swung some of our magic FaceBook you know commentaries and listeners over to your side of the fence on your. Magic milk or whatever you have going over them is still not sure that I'm prepared to have 22 via half gallon on the put in my refrigerator it's. Ultra pasteurized. Milk and it is this thing out and buying it for years and you have to give me this deal listeners had my back they called us they've gone on our FaceBook page and they said yup they posted pictures of their milk with these. With the expiration date which is six weeks out from the time that you bite sometimes two months. And it's just as good for weeks after you buy it is as it is the day after and I am a really picky about food as soon out. And I am not two but by the way a guy I'm sure I've got mustard in my refrigerator that I moved with. You know when I moved to help some years ago there's certain things I. I don't I turned circa 1980. Arthur got to go bad it's got lots of vinegar yeah but I and I know you're on the other side of things whereas as that you you've I can picture on the on the wall in your kitchen like a calendar with like -- further with Lincoln this spring the spreadsheet mapped out an expiration dates of foods have thrown out as it's approaching you don't have time king. About a girl who else I'll throw things out when it's the sell by day. I'm I'm I'm a fanatic. About that so if I will shrink this milk for weeks in I'm telling you know there was some back and forth on FaceBook groups are we closer we can we posted about this yesterday I ask you Kendra I just did. Believe you. There is no need to combined with the expiration date would be like six. Weeks now and people apparently are aware of it. There was some back and forth about it click once you open it you have to drink it right away. No one when she opened them now you don't have. Happy who's gonna keep milk and not open source and expect that wouldn't even make sense why would they do so you can buy this super duper. Pasteurized. Milk. Openness and stay fresh when Marco sound in your refrigerator six you think to catch up we ocean so that after the five or six. We'll 78 weeks that you keep this milking your fringe. What does it smell like that does it start to go bad I mean eventually to decide to go like any milk I guess as it approaches the expiration date it's gonna start a bad but it will it stay as good like. I have milk in my refrigerator right now that I bought probably. Christmas Knoll. That eyebrow that I thought. That I bought maybe a week ago and that expiration date is like march 26 on. I try my phone and I Shalit unwilling to it I don't think you told me good junior and I know I'm definitely ask Internet YouTube and Hamachi is a big thank you have to be by. It's the same as regular Malick and not much more expensive and it is you don't have to kick closed why did you buy milk and not open bluntly I think I will welcome everybody doesn't know about thriving on the other thing. They meet they keep saying hey that's like how do you she's about everybody in the merits you're about to say everybody in general is known about it. I don't know we have dismissed and I. They're running out. Island all by adjust the iceman coming later denied that I rescued from an agreement with her hind feet. I promise I will get some I would guess somehow keys I'm telling you she glad to call you an additional water FaceBook page if you did go yesterday and our FaceBook page. Governor FaceBook page. And act the upfront that I still laugh on yeah I don't yeah.