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Tuesday, February 27th


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I'm interested in knowing if you have an Amazon. Account way of Amazon just a regular counter com account if you check it. Weekly or daily years you know to remind yourself of what you've purchased or browse on not on I have one I don't. And I'm gonna have to change my position on how often check it because this you have my other family members. Have access and gas buying things on my other mistake you and I make is that our. Our kids have access to our Amazon prime accounts you know we have our our credit cards stored in there and they can just hit click purchase and they're off and running and that started innocently enough insurer was so and I both have. Kids too we both have two girls who went content onto his graduated but but we both of girls who work every what's probably need something that it's. You know you just can't call and coordinate picking it up and mailing it right over Houston this is easy for them to go on Amazon order it and dead to rights house started. Yeah and I used to say to my girls thinking need Champloo if you need you know something hair products but you know now I'm looking at my Amazon I recently Iraq strategy game and sue and I both played the browsing history dad would ask you who's got. Did you more out there item yeah and and I'm like why how what she'd been buying. Well let me type act she has on order right now these Saint Patrick's Day bop her costume party pet Wear accessory. That's money lust and some thought I work hard love her I know I wanna be both of your children's. That's what I wanted to I would like for you both to adopt means that I can have an Amazon list I can just check off and just ship it to me whenever I want. I got the thing this morning that said congratulations. You're Amazon order of puff ball palm palm key chain. And not lie I'm not not a word of a live look there it is so I feel I can order a pom pom puff ball. Key chains or go to my Amazon account and I go to my orders and there it is and it's going to buy it when my daughter's. And then I go to the browsing history and ice sheet like what you're doing and I see everything that they look that not everything they've bought. It's certainly what their look what they've looked. Photo your kids recently viewed items are quite interesting point of view I have BI said. You happy to use you know you'll be receiving New York south tied back in the neck problem. And I was doing. What is this that I ordered its kind this is an inclement rainy little can be cropped top that I could not get around my. My upper arm with a. Testing is that. I've to got to shoot two dollars and both my girls have. You know access to my hands on a canister yours do you don't know which kid was looking at that. Bright eyes as I don't know which kid is looking at the faux leather pants leg and a few of you sexy something or other self. I either got Politico or ask both of which one of you wasn't. And basically I can venture pretty good gas for each of these items like we'll leave it that's not a conversation I'm looking forward now.