Renting VS Buying Movies

Monday, February 26th


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It would seem that I have lost track of time. Well again because Oscars it just through this Sunday this Sunday I stuck yeah we do a whole contest in our house he. You guys do it to where you try to see as many movies you get points for Ben's done their best actress best movie and all that whole thing was winning in your house. One of my daughter's wedding which is killing my I think. You know Cathy she's she's snack competitive. And I just wee little bit. So she went to the movies by herself. Yesterday which I think his. Well I don't think it's weird for EB. I don't think it's weird in the movies alone. Lol. Little weird. Not weird about my name went kind of let him know. It's not when I was younger I would have felt awkward but now a much hairs here in the dark who knows your. Nicholson it is. A tough moment or all of the and it's gonna sit here and seek you mean anyone at any time. So all I've seen I Tonya and access to ask if I was Ohio myself that I saw a black candidate that doesn't matter for the Oscars this year yeah. I thought three billboards there's nine movies op I think I've seen two of which is another thing in his and more movies right there's more yes more best picture now ask this year. I actually sat through billboards last night I bought its on demand because you can't rent anything that's the other thing. You're that in between time we're used to be able to rent them. In the end of the final couple weeks we have got to the Oscars and it would be like a forced march watch in one movie after another on demand but now you can do they have to buy it again because they know exactly how to get you know like everybody is watching these movies Billick will do was make some of which you spend four three billboards and sixteen dollars. We don't justify it you get to watching at home. Not forever and ever had to do my son just hit more than a month I don't watch a movie more than one I didn't wanna buy it I was waiting for it to be rentable and then finally Stephen said let's just buy it you've wanted to watch it let's just do it you know we watched it last night at midnight. Midnight sun apps and be sit down and watch TV it's in my house and yet now I I am now in a panic czars like Loudon we have just a few days and how many can watch seven movies in five it is the answers is not I know. Just make friends with the fact that you're not gonna see all those movies be nice if it curled it that. Oscar's are coming up Saturday and have to sit on the sidelines GAAP and lose that contest and doing your family of cash that was concealed movies.