Friday, June 22nd


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Me. It's not really. And almost impossible questions about twenty minutes away and that's what six point 71 more hundred dollar gift card Stop & Shop to give a wave with the question what 206 the from magic we're gonna Wheldon the two of our favorite and two of my favorites and Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard who were individually very wacky and fun together. Title wacky ponder just what they want to help them make Amanda the morning's Fay Vincent is here with details were sponsored by care dimensions once of what's going on. Well we knew this was coming. It's. Roseanne. Jose houses and whatever and and those fancy can off his headquarters. Without Roseanne Barr ABC announced yesterday. And new series featuring characters are Roseanne and tentatively called that Connors. It's going to be ten episodes of the premiere this golf course the move comes about three weeks after her Twitter scandal. John Goodman Loring now have Sara Gilbert Michael fish and they're all gonna return to reprise their characters in this new series which promises. The family will be forced to face new challenges included. Including an unexpected pregnancy. So it's it's it I don't know how this is gonna play to be honest with you. I don't get I don't know it's going to be a success or not I mean that's dying to see how they navigate getting rid of Roseanne like yeah. You guys kill off the force of animal Larry and how with a they're not retained I mean they're still the Connors and they're still there original characters so they have to deal with. Where is the mother cellophane. And they say people who died a broken heart Kate Spade dad was 89 died the night before the funeral how sad is that. They say he was very distraught about his daughter's death. Meantime Kate Spade New York the brand announced its plans to donate more than a million dollars to suicide prevention and mental health awareness prizes. In honor of their late founder and so they'll begin yeah with 250 grand for the crisis text line. They also encourage the public to make donations now through June 29 and they're gonna match 200000. 180273. Talk 1802738255. Have been struggling innocent who's from the and whatever comes out of this is your your thing again and you've done so much great work for this so I think it's it's a step in the right direction. Good for them Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard we love this couple they are so awesome. They've been now called the ultimate power couple what do they think of the title during a screening event for the new season of Kristen TV show the good place and her costar Ted Danson. Revert to that as a power couple and Christa was pretty humble about it she said this and I quote. I don't know what we have power over it's certainly not each other and it's certainly not our children so this is whereas they see they're just like us they had kids it almost to the thing they say either. Season three of the good place premiere September 27. And NBC upstairs to change. That is awesome good stuff sit there Q let's get to a magic traffic when all you need to consider his got to force to see this time. We are sponsored by inches somewhere I promise I'll find that in just a second all traffic is sponsored by subway Tesco when we have. All right well it's that looks like the northbound expressway is still really problematic. We have two right lanes blocked at Freeport street and that is never good situation we have I'd. I've tracked. Dumped a load of garbage in the road. And you are on the back Q and beyond the Braintree split it's about a fifteen minute delay they aired the hov lane is still closed to just avoid it if you can't. Three north your hung up around union street three south or 95 to trouble called wrote a slow and a Mass Pike just a little bit of volume to slight. Slowdowns or 95 to reach nine. We've got to 660 almost impossible question coming in this morning magic.