Rush Hour Rant

Thursday, June 14th


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Sorry yeah. Six points and 6:36. Good morning. What's gone wrong. Oh great what's going on this this is Greg for the starter I won't snag the sinister picture. Of did you get that picture without stoking. But yeah. I'm shocked to. He's you know Richard Bostonians. And I don't I'll still many John Allen still. Now I'm not a morning that is what you go look in that direction it did that don't go out there on options. What it hit the entire. You have let go by government shut it jot it kind of caught. Did come up and walked up and bite you got it back I don't want to be right. Right legal 'cause there's less cars and that rightly know go all the way over there cut in front everybody and then try to beat everybody at the turn right. And then collapse or are. It. Not cool not cool at all. Good stuff Greg hit that picture is awesome thanks so much you can call and write about. I've kind of it can actually get to the random pictures how is the most awesome thing ever had a bit of pigeons. Blow Robby. They got to let us safe driving Greg thanks a lot but today yeah. Not the only thing that I can think about have been better than that no stopping sign of somebody getting a picture of Greg stumping to get a kick him now stockings died. Really weird in lake. Is every state every city has their own sort of like personality their drivers like we're known let's be honest we're known to be sort of aggressive and act. We have that reputation deserved or not only does this time. We are aggressive yeah nationally in patients and it rested yet we've places today. And then other places like Maine for instance not gonna I'm jumping on Maine that the drivers they are very courteous and they abide by the speed limit but they're always in the passing lane when you're doing. Whenever I'm behind somebody who's driving too slow and passing lane. There remain granted I know it's the way life should be an all of that but really late just move over. It should be in the middle Lee. It's me it's always your plate you do digital currency Hong Kong or you flashed lights flash is not flash I can flash and is that rude is that rude tell pictures now from the wife of a police officer it's you shouldn't be going you can go to slow there is such a thing. Get over it's supposed to be just for past. I did a flash in the hand signal they don't put thinks that completely brewed an appropriate well it's it might be the right thing to it might be it might be legal but it's. Feels a little like excuse me yeah that's sort of feels like that. Polls on how she do it yeah I you have to they have backing up traffic out of play it to kick in the bomb went beyond that I'd like it to kick in the. To come in there and bomb or you can when I do was like you right behind him and you wait for an opening and you don't buy them on the right you give cash a guy you know and and yet that this is our guy pad and they don't die. And then you pulled right in the left lane in front of them and show this is what the left yet I idea that this morning but it still didn't work that the person was oblivious. And I you know I get. Or rather wrote it. You know really early hours I think people like kinda zoned out and still only used ten people just passed him on the right you still didn't get it. Oblivious is okay as long as it behind you when daddy's idea outrage.