Selena Gomez

Friday, June 15th


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Tell Clarkson that magic 106 points just strewn about her she she lost herbs asking Clinton about to Los wait a lot of weight and the 37 point oh. The dead yak. She has always sort of publicly talked about her struggles with weight. And and she you know got kind of goes up and down up and down at Cushing had two babies we all gain weight and we have babies panache that's great season. Really good shape I gain weight are you looking for Mac. Well six point tonight we're gonna do the we're gonna do the entertainment update this morning and who has got that force the morning shape. Selena Gomez found time. I believe very yeah. You know don't well a clothing designer publicly insulted Selena Gomez calling the singer ugly if this is hard to believe. Italian designer who co funded fashion label dolce and gabbana went out of his way onions to grant this week to attack Gomez in the comments of a photo. On the catwalk Italians insert Graham and Pavano wrote the fouling alongside a collage. Of Selena pictures and he wrote eat proper brio brute top which translates into she's so ugly. Well the insults was many things it was unprovoked people call it cruel sexist. And while Gomez has so far taken the high road she is kidnapping her fans and IR steaming. Mad. And you know appeared briefly inside ever want she's beautiful number two like what would ever. Prompt that kind of bad behavior. That's what happens. People just feel it's you know it's a lot easier to do it online and know that we are on the FaceBook posts and has to do things to finish out Kimelman hey David Spade is honoring his sister in law and designer Kate stayed after her suicide at age 55 the actor and comedian now making named 100000 dollar donation. To the National Alliance on Mental Illness you're familiar with this organization you say to go to organized and do incredible work incredible work one of which is the hotline they support knowing 30273. Top 1027325. Struggling you know somebody is depressed or suicidal if you can't you do some great work NASDAQ. To support that day now I don't wanna get a Ron. Mehmet non non in the mountain and those who. And the nominee and in my in the National Alliance on Mental Illness yeah. So that's a nice story with not only about the person who didn't know that David Spade was related to kids no idea either. Now I didn't neither so it's gash K state was married to his brother Wright anti spam. I didn't know it's been a you know personally but I I knew of her work until I can imagine two people must like been Kate Spade. And Dave it's nice NASA and yet I had a pretty close relationships that. And pink now weighing in on the polarizing SeaWorld debate she's joining stars like Pam Anderson and Jessica Biel. What attended meetings on behalf of Peta to talk about what they feel. Is abuse of the animals she wrote a letter asking why SeaWorld hasn't transferred. It's orcas and other marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries that company refutes the claims saying the analyst who received world class care. In any case I would not miss that you know you wanna be on Pixar. And I would not only does the tank. And it's Friday it has yet to raise interest rates weakened dollar the value needs more review quickly pursues a new picture perfect. Think he's like to truly go out there he's got his hands going like I we've got are now. The that are out on Friday to ask me three Monday through Thursday he had a record is abysmal Suze record is nearly perfect with the Friday fertility and you do today. By the way special Father's Day edition of the strange celebrity proof. Listen carefully. Them. Having children is like living in a frat house nobody sleeps everything's broken and there's a lot of throwing up. Was it Seth Meyers. Will Arnett. For Ray Romano. Think I'm that Father's Day additional figured out next to magic.