Thursday, June 21st


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Captured out of the skillet because she was perfect little you can win those few who takes the the turf you have to pick the perfect healthy. Now I take a lot of southeast unlike somebody else China this stuff who takes home the. And self self feed itself each day this annoys the television is calling a national Sophie de. I don't I think people think they take a lot of self he's probably I guess I do I took a lot of pictures and also frees you to yeah well I guess it depends how you catch prices topping. You're in numbing you're taking them with your own army on hand like up in the air a lot of times other people are in them with you think you are the master of taking the south. Well. Couple things on that just sounds a little judges maybe it is it is and it is right you're not back enough and I and a funny you're self became well. I mean I I take them for small. I take it doesn't want a document like where bin who had been with the fact you know it's their pictures of all that stuff I often forget telling it was a good time and we were there. But I'm not I don't think of one of those people who takes like 73 times to make sure that my butt looks good that the light is right in my T yeah. I don't mean yet now we all have friends like that yet now my kids a take like hundred of them before they find the right one that they're gonna post on its to grant right. And that was the other thing I was gonna say. I don't put everything up on social media I think a lot of pictures about it even when my kids run all of my kids as they come on let's take a picture and they all rolled their eyes that make funny faces in wanna be and it. Yeah because they think I'm gonna put it on FaceBook or recommend something definitely to Hong but I just read a statistic that. They get a thousand SE a minute uploaded to answer Graham merit a thousand self feeding sounds vote on minutes. There's an there's an a he just reminded me of opinion that if somebody took a view and media and Chris Schein. And I think there was a couple other people that we had we had a station and a couple years ago and the that there were five of us in the photo and all five of us were all taking a cell yeah. Cells at the same time. And some would get back about thirty feet and took a picture of that yet and I'm senile and I think for like a lobster baker and ever it was a summer picnic bloody summer picnic and we're all standing like one behind the other behind other I'll taking SE it off saying a little bit of the sickness I guess yeah too far or that the well today's the day. Asia day if you.