Someone Is Messing With Our Stuff

Tuesday, May 22nd


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And housing conditions is time for new feature on magic 106 point seven. Office. The story you're about to Sears. Have been changed to protect the innocent. How else to. Explain what's going on its office primarily. What's happening in every office right so sharks talked about a from time to time but ours has been elevated to a level of what did I hands you then amid the spirit continues to. Escalating. I I am. I'm actually speechless like for the first time in 36 years in my life I don't item ten does like speechless I kinda think it's funny in David is outrageously. Outrage and this is I did it a little outrageous I am really an inkling about this. First of all our little. He showed here where a lovely team we do very well together that we got a few little spots where we keep our stuff. Ahead in the studio. And then downstairs as little office area with the other staff members and we've got a little area where we keep our stuff from him and if you don't pay attention to. You know you could think well I'm Wilson is placed my mod gore heads together. But what has happened over the last couple months is stuff either is disappeared of people come in and mess with our stuff in their statement. And yes your state and I think it all started but the crimes there is intentionally a big pilot crimes left and turning your keyboard. And then it escalated and both Kendra and night like office mugs it's about our desperate stolen from the desk from our personal that yeah like. Not IP act more about this nicely negligent in its time now yeah. And I just Iceland this isn't like somebody took Suze screen and physically flipped it over someone went in to this to the computer. Logged on what this just settings from a gunshot attended a flat out so would be backwards and upside down on the active for now I have an exit. And that she writes the news and entertainment for them shot like I needed it I. Yeah it was a little bit upsetting but now Don Don Don it's the latest the lilies this installment in doubt and I just. Discovered that a little while ago I had this little timer values every day. Just a matter so small chance indignities and iPhone to its battery powered. And I keep that in a Droid and I'll double file cabinet. Here in the in the studio man and I going to take time out and it's dead. The batteries must have died so open up the backing this a little like it's like a little. Every kid's toy with a little clip thing we have to illustrate this July don't. And you but it's not easy to get open and I couldn't win. And one of the two batteries is missing yes somebody's messing with you actually took one of the better is that and put it in the back of the cabinet and they closed the thing up. Back back on protecting these massive crude we think it is. I don't know how to. Is I that's that's an elaborate Brad and I don't know what I don't know what it's the operation. All right we haven't people that benefit of the doubt Canada keeps an act if the battery fell out of fell out but then you show Louie and I was like I don't think he fell out because the door it was it was hard to get the little door often get to hop the batteries out of the little spring. So there's that. We are there and everywhere I look I'm gonna look at noon to quit when she comes in here and talk about just to see what her reaction is. I DO depending on how she respond that's. Not enough what we did plead the fifth so what we need now Nancy is she would ever answer. You know depends. I think. I think what we need to do is crowd source a source of and this is important as important part was where you can mention to listeners expect if you got. Something going on network and you need to have somebody in the act and we can't put cameras up and they're not gonna let us do that this could be some way. And tricked this perpetrated there into revealing himself so we need you to just give us ideas on how you might out of glitter bomb fingerprints something. Or maybe do it I just haven't figured.