Steve DiFillippo Interview

Monday, May 14th


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Greatest of all time checks plays football with Tom Brady I'm listening. Yes and you know what we had Steve deep sleeper coming in last week and we love when he comes and but as most people know we change studios recently. There was a problem. We're thrilled to welcome back Steve the from the boulevard W goes philanthropist. Author of restaurant tour. I'm a guy that walks this street here I've now been out I don't know just tell people yeah Iran building and here he is Steve and usually I mean pretty well known in the funny I didn't about a strict he's like breaking every law walking out of the ice won't. Big on his heart into it he's literally black and I got a bag of food would mean on my fight that I did hit at least you can eat well you know it's you're not require final price side you really carries kite after bring us food they haven't slept in the the man angry yeah. I mean we W is a world in our tenth the summer and in Irvine California saw it's. Sounds great you know we do a lot of raffles that this is probably the coolest rap no raffle and a dollar and you know solid cost ten dollars again and here. What you get very eager to play in the game and with Tom you know a lot of other patriots do it's just some former patriots. President patriots are there who who and it's really cool you actually get to play. In the game. So Tom the quarterback for both sides and then ask you scored switches to the other side so I think in this game. In outside one of the greatest highlights life I'm in the huddle. It's home looks to me in egos Steve. This one's coming to you and you know I mean high school I was in our receiver looked at me to look at record it and I'm kind of in a sort of way I go out for the past and I just turn in the ball is in my stomach right. I really catch it. The ball caught me. And I had a marker right am I just relaxed it is it was kind of like her daughter had caught a ball from a professional from Tom Brady now double its face the ball just a little bit with an Austin and it was the coolest thing and actually did a few other years and caught do you mourn at Friday's my hands more now yeah my son. He he's so great so generous that day and you get to meet handy to have them and then afterwards. We have a need food festival with forty restaurants and our guys yet he's here he comes it is restaurants all my buddy restaurants there have a seat you know on the air and it came to Harvard started it all in this thousand people can't so you're you're out you know and the governor's there I mean everyone has a Teddy Bruschi was Hitler Greenland has played in the when he affect. Are apparently are not so great pleasure I was there you know I was gonna get trouble you know so I just trying to. Letter to exceed one I asked if she's as fast as you guys and that's where her well. So what I tell people they're gonna do it to now get the deadline is Tuesday may fifteenth at noon correct yes cracked so buy your tickets. Again prize GO dot com slash de Beers will put that link on the home page in the magic ansari and others commercial free hour in house a little late because. Funny to me go to the wrong building what I like sweating right outside of my got a huge change my shirt I mean it was just a crazy day out there walking around but we have made false yeah we got it we'll get an adult yet we're grateful to him to have Ian thanks Steve are you a little dominoes that great to see you.