Steve DiFillippo Interview with Morning MAGIC

Wednesday, January 17th


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They're applied at another studio for their videos is here talking about working with the patriots and so much more to help the Greater Boston food bank for its great to see a nice to see you thanks for coming you know it's funny I live up to the North Shore and I thought a guy that's going to be take forever Gator. I don't have nearly cried it was it's unbelievable yesterday took me law already in the town and today with a snowstorm I announced. You could you explain bought us out explain bust in track it's crazy you can't it can take Q. I can take me I live up on the North Shore is about and take me forty minutes get into town for two hours and forty minutes ahead and there's no way to explain back. Everybody's at the store by nearly Greg all backed up and you funny get clear and it was no accident where it was now about how and why it was happening I don't know if pocket whatever Austin safe and sound good so imagine what a six point seven once again you're working to support the Greater Boston food Beck wanna start the there because you've been a supporter of the Greater Boston food bank for a long time threat toward those organizations. That addresses an issue I don't think a lot of people know well they actually. Feed the whole New England you know it's not just Boston the food Tuesday is pantries news pantries in Hamilton wouldn't run up and at this picture doubled and every time I am so they help all the pantries all over the place and look who kind of comes Abbas and and then they distributed everywhere and so it's an incredible organization that's why it's we helped them as much as we possibly gonna look at a restaurant terror booed right. So it kind of makes sense that he shoots one in Tennessee one in ten people. Are at risk for you being hungry for not having something to eat turn night I of those people are kids and families and so forth yet your neighbors your co workers you know you'd be surprised I think in a prevalent today really set you know and and didn't seem to be getting any better right. But what a way to help and yes well let's talk about we are. Just raffle it is a weekend get a occasion Iraq. What you get you go Saturday to the Renaissance hotels right at patriot place you parked your car and you don't touch it for two days I think you what that's worth a picture placed before game and VIP parking and yet it is and it's great ritzy park your car and keep checking in let's say 1:2 o'clock whenever you get there and then at 4 o'clock we have massages setup where the two people go have a Kasagic green tangerine it's right next and obvious it's amazing plays I've been there it's amazing. Then after I go back that would tell. You have dinner there at the hotel which is a great restaurant and narrative fantastic. After that go to splits Ville perhaps a little bullying her girls regularly and you do whatever. Go back hotel for the night stay right there. The Gillette Stadium for the night and it's no traffic get in there get Eric Dyson. Rested right get up in the morning from you golden job isn't it time and this is amazing you get to have dinner with with me and Christian Fauria with two to two times a bowl champion. He'll be there. The be similar celebrities you know Lenny Clark's gonna be there we have so many people coming dropped it's a big change I leave a big table like you know fifteen people all the seafood towers in the ground that young people days and in all the stuff stakes it's going to be crazy right. Then at torque hockey leave there you go over the stadium with Christian who again is a simple a champion former Al player of the patrons. Takes you onto the field while sounding I have never done this guy. Are you with thick granite friends of the crap I never got to do it exactly Steve can migrate here from Italy yeah. So he. And again it's this is crazy ex eagle on the field to hang out there are other practicing and knowledge of the stadium yet you get to go and Eric and after that. You go to the game Iverson to get too great seats for him the lower bowl the attack succeeds. Which you know Jonathan Kraft help us with from then you go after the game hopefully will win nickel back to dobbs restrict it or not. Yes so I thought it and I reckon you know there's you know track will be traffic to be gone by Tommy leave. You drive woman and you probably wanna take Monday off to it's going to be an exhausting week of it. Is it amazing raffle that is more than a maize corn and you get Tom Brady signed ball right in it in a Christian born a signed ball. This is pretty good yeah. And it all to benefit the and we'll talk but the by and just the second that all the raffle tickets all the money goes everything donated it goes to benefit dot real dot com you have to go to Dhabi it was dot com and we already did I click on it's that if the tab as. It's the suit that is right yeah. Okay but and you just click right on at a silly and you just. You go writing you keep it bites actually to a tee and I. That's just as tickets were ten dollar minimum and buy an off hundreds of tickets to be like whatever. But that's it's so simple to get it yet no we did it took two minutes David and I both did it just before you came and two minutes and the like god we're at we're giving unit were donating to a great cause and we could win this incredible package I've never heard of the package this guy. Somehow it just. Offend anybody that's thousands. And thousands of others don't. Is that gasoline prices because getting on the field you cannot buy right around all the other stuff he probably could figure out a price plan you know even the dinner with Chris and Christiane. I had an obvious and then let me tell that we went a whole lot of secret celebrity where it's. Before game it's crazy it's obvious an amateur was show up though dinner with Steve differently about at a price slash. I didn't give in my book that nobody read I thought it was great with the we left that out of your by yeah yeah just selling author that was fantastic and you know I'm ready to wanna argue idea yet I haven't really announced yet but. It's actually going to be entertaining cookbook. Where you and it's called adult language obviously you're gonna be able to party like a restaurant turnaround to teach you. How to have parties at your house in all different themes is about 65 recipes. But I'm gonna teach you how to prepare your house how to have a part lot of people just. Asked all the time you know I'm having guests over should get a case of vodka tonic. Over so that's that's all the other will be back for that yen this year. All of this extension all around you really an all clear front of the house got out really hospitality got you started back in the kitchen course yet. And you're writing books or see you on TV your view your food is available not just in the restaurant and then you can buy it elsewhere which is great there's a lot going on what you see them integrate. Source who had a lot of fun on TV selling our products cash breezy and a lot of success yes yeah so it's been so good you know I really can't complain you know restaurant you know opening our tenth restaurant to slip a male and Irvine California so I'm excited about their lungs building it. Eventual bossy guy and I go anywhere I love Boston and now I. Greg I grew up and went to be you and and most of school and that's like the Boston food bank necklace and yet so important because. You know a lot of people do. Different fund raising in a lot of it goes to expenses. Is that one penny going to its 100%. Of what comes in is going to the boss of food from which I think is really. Yeah yeah we've done some work with the Boston food bank through the years and now we have interviewed them and tried to support they're they they do have a bunch of stuff throughout the this is one of the big things but they are serving not to speed vision noted people in Boston but all throughout Massachusetts and a and and beyond in and ways getting food into the into the hands of another plates of the families and kids in matches there's a lot of issues. So here that don't get that everything now should just breaks your heart and does break your heart and so Debbie does dot com deadline to Anders Friday for is that right or contact by for a 50 no one in the high end and no kidding so and I did it and suit did it this morning and it ninety seconds and you don't you log on and there's a link right on the WTO's Beijing get right and so inexpensive 5000 rockets hit anyone yes the good stuff Steve do you aren't a great having this continued good. It'll be fun if you guys in public together. What do you do. No other I think if you want to be a little buddy Josh yeah I hope you don't wait honestly for. I don't when other people my official holiday that's an ally. I would buy a lot of tickets got a good chance the way and that's so great to see content I don't you wait Kendra says you have to bring her to sell OK I don't the American college or begin work on a buying and that I good to see your good stuff thank you.