Steve Perry Interview

Thursday, August 16th


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One of the most recognizable. In my mind bad in this that you didn't even absent for a little while voices in popular music. Is back with a new album called traces that traces and a new song called Norris is Steve Perry it's a pleasure to talk to you we'll. Thank you so much just great video on the station thank you. We miss you we didn't go. We miss you know we're so happy you're back. All of us we are behind me issue too it has been a long time. To get to the point where I've issue you don't let me think I had a good prepared to do that. I'd just like how can we miss you if you won't go hey I'm an advocate. For there was video review on YouTube I met this like 234 years ago something like that at that. I was simply just it was a giant can I am yes and you were singing don't stop believing I think with the audience yeah and those years she's alive and well. Armed but should you had a even at a challenging time you enormous stepped away from music for a little while I was on my understanding. Considerable amount that the group I mean I just decided. I need to stop because my passion for music kids. And kind of just disappeared and it really scared me because since I was young child I was passionate about music ended in Havana passion about it. So I really concerned me that I. Was starting to lose my passion part. And I love this story about how there is a woman. That you found very much in love with who sort of changed your perspective on that topic to talk about Alan. I think Kelly managed to patty Jenkins a good friend of mine. Whenever Kalish you already had three years of fighting for her life was breast cancer. But you never know she was just I hashish stunning just scored just we got together for dinner. We had dinner and we were inseparable from that point on I just I don't know what happened in connection I guess it's. That I ever experience. I'm trying to posture a couple of years went by a grieving serious screaming for two or three years I started writing music and out of that music is that just had lost kind of music and so happy music on the record. But out of that comes like an emotional honesty I think with your music and that's what this album. Reeks of right. Yeah I think I. Needed to find yeah otherwise why make a record honestly. It's interesting to me you work you work as a solo act as opposed your work with the band. You you really get to call the shots higher than musicians to the song writing and and answer them a much bigger voice. As Steve Perry then you know with with the ban. Jeff mentioned sort of one big huge compromise all the time. Give his take given chase you know it's still lives so it's it's a well it can be but I won't say that sometimes bad to bring something idea that you cannot find. Other places you know so I think it in the case of Jerry I think that we brought. The best out of each other we also times personality about the worst time each and every time you parents do now. So Steve tell us he gonna go out on tour with this with this new record when. We're talking about that but right now I'm really talking about a truce that took forever for me to even find something I never thought I'd find again which is a passion for writing and recording music right now my commitment is to be emotional promise I've made. And the music just came from that. I take it seemed as we watch the video that it's like seeing an old friend you look great that's how I know we are only a moderate to left I. We're letting him that are what's the routine here complain yeah Andre I literally falling out of my seat he's your voice it brings back so many memories. Really good memories and now I alliances are just so excited to have you back. Well the socially. I'm so grateful that community to come back and minds singing voice is emotionally. Doing what I always wanted to do but I must tell and you look back in my career that designed averaging interviews yeah. I've never really did Indians this. It is time for me to talk about my life and I feel comfortable doing I have I've had anyway you know you can ask me any question who want to. Probably gonna give you an answer that's the obvious contention time. Can do that. It were of the plant. Everything because we couple things that's rare in our line of work in your line of work to you know I mean you know how this goes on our own best friends for fifteen minutes and then Maher on our way. But it is I can't overstate just looking at the video and CU looks so happy looks a joyous and it's like there he is he's that's like it's like seeing an old friend. You haven't seen or heard in sometimes it's it's really nice and have lost a step it's nice and. No not at all and you just so approachable I mean you're you're iconic status makes us think that. We're not worthy sometimes don't come arms here and I. Now your opening up about your life and you're talking to Wesley proceeding having a couple cost means cell months. So I'll be right yeah. We've got a well we got Lago traces is the album no raison is a song you can find an on line and we hope we see you here in Boston or New England before too long when you decide to to move around disorder and come visit us then yeah any time our doors open. Well thank you so much and say hi to everybody at W objects. Appreciate it thanks Steve thank you and good guy everybody loves Steve Perry yeah he's crate it's just great that stuff that's I don't throw down I'm still reeling from just the fact that I talked to somebody that flight. Marked might. I mean I listened to him through high school through college so like the fact that I can't talk to one on one is just career highlight yeah. Well a couple years and he still sounds great albums called traces let's hear it this is no erasing new music from Steve Perry met.